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The Government of the Republic of South Ossetia is the political leadership of the only partially recognized, but de facto independent, Republic of South Ossetia.

Executive branch

South Ossetia's head of state is the president, the current president is Leonid Tibilov. The head of government is the prime minister, who is supported by a cabinet of ministers. The current prime minister is Domenty Kulumbegov.

In August, 2009, then-president Eduard Kokoity dismissed Aslanbek Bulatsev's cabinet. It was said that Bulatsev had long been sick and had repeatedly sought to resign.[1] All ministers kept their posts for some time and work with new PM Vadim Brovtsev,[2] though some were replaced after a while.

Current cabinet

Office Incumbent
Prime MinisterDomenti Sardionovich Kulumbegov
Deputy Prime MinisterAlan Zaurovich Tekhov
Deputy Prime MinisterErik Georgiyevich Pukhayev
Head of the Presidential AdministrationBoris Eliozovich Chochiev
Minister of Foreign AffairsDavid Georgievich Sanakoyev
Minister of DefenceValeriy Adamovich Yakhnovets
Minister of Internal AffairsAkhsar Endrikovich Lavoyev
Minister of JusticeAlan Nikolayevich Dzhioyev
Minister for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Disaster ManagementSergey Soslanovich Sanakoyev
Minister of FinanceAza Konstantinovna Habalova
Minister of Economic DevelopmentVil'yam Yur'yevich Dzagoyev
Minister of Education and ScienceMarina Lyudvigovna Chibirova
Minister of CultureMadina Arkhipovna Ostayeva
Minister of Health and Social DevelopmentGrigory Stepanovich Kulidzhanov
Minister of AgricultureMairbeg Vladimirovich Guchmazov
Minister of Construction, Architecture, Housing and UtilitiesEduard Nikolayevich Dzagoev


Abolished ministries

Per August 24, 2009, several ministries were abolished.[3] The following ministries were merged into the new Ministry of Youth, Education and Science, which was to be headed by Kusraev:

Office Last incumbent
Minister of Youth, Sport and Tourism (also deputy PM)Eleonora Hristoforovna Bedoeva
Minister of Education and ScienceAnatoly Georgievich Kusraev

The following ministries were abolished, their tasks being taken over by the Ministry of Economic Development:

Office Last incumbent
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry and TradeTaimuraz Arahmatovich Chochiev
Minister of Transport and Road ManagementAlan Hadzhimurzaevich Koliev
Minister of Communications and InformationGeorgij Sergeevich Kabisov
Minister of state property and land relationsSergei Vladimirovich Parastaev
Minister of Natural Resources and EcologyVitaly Grigorievich Dzeranov
Minister of Agriculture and FoodDzhambolat Iosivovich Kozaev
Minister of Press and Mass CommunicationsIrina Yureva Gagloeva

Legislative branch

The Parliament of South Ossetia is the parliament of the Republic of South Ossetia.

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