Gourmet Society

Gourmet Society
Founded East Midlands, United Kingdom (2003)
Area served
United Kingdom
  • Restaurant discount card
Website gourmetsociety.co.uk

The Gourmet Society is a UK-based dining club. Each member holds a Gourmet Society restaurant discount card, which entitles them to savings at UK restaurants.

Initially developed in the Midlands in 2003, the Gourmet Society was the UK's first national diners' club. Members pay an annual subscription, and receive discounts at participating restaurants. Members receive a discount card, and many members also receive a copy of the printed restaurant directory.

As of October 2013, there are over 6,500 participating restaurants in the UK and Ireland.[1][2]

Gourmet Society members get either 2-for-1 meals; 50% off food; or 25% off their food and drink bill. Members also get access to discounted tickets at UK cinemas, as well as access to discounts at UK retailers.

Membership is purchased through the website, and costs £69.95 for a year, although there are shorter trials available. The Gourmet Society also works with other companies (including the AA,[3] Barclays and Nectar[4] ) to provide users of their services with discounted memberships.

Participating Restaurants

Participating restaurants include popular chains, independent venues, and AA Rosette and Michelin star venues. Michelin starred restaurants include Benares and JSW. Details of the offer and restrictions can be found on their website, in the printed restaurant guide and the smartphone app.


On 8th April, 2016 the Gourmet Society was featured on the BBC Radio 4 programme You and Yours. It was claimed that some users who had taken a free introductory offer were charged the full annual fee earlier than they should have been. Criticism also centred around the poor customer service offered by the society when customers tried to get some redress. Gourmet Society stated an understanding of the issue, and have changed their terms and conditions moving forwards to ensure that customers cannot be confused regarding their renewal date. [5]


The Gourmet Society partners with a number of chain venues. Members make restaurant savings at:


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