Goryeo ware

Goryeo ware

A Goryeo celadon incense burner, the 95th National Treasure of South Korea at the National Museum of Korea.
Korean name
Hangul 고려도자기, 고려청자, 고려자기
Hanja 高麗陶磁器, 高麗靑磁, 高麗磁器
Revised Romanization Goryeo dojagi, Goryeo cheongja, Goryeo jagi
McCune–Reischauer Koryŏ tojagi, Koryŏ ch'ŏja, Koryŏ chagi

Goryeo ware (고려도자기 ; Goryeo dojagi) refers to all types of Korean pottery and porcelains produced during the Goryeo dynasty.[1][2]


The Gangjin Kiln Sites produced a large number of wares.

An artist of the post-war era who specialised in it was Living National Treasure Yu Geun-Hyeong.[3] His work was documented in the short film Koryo Celadon in 1979.[4]

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