Goodman UK

Goodman UK is part of Goodman Group integrated industrial property development and management company.


Macquarie Goodman Industrial Trust (now Goodman Industrial Trust) listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1995.[1] Through a series of mergers and acquisitions, it soon became the largest listed industrial property group in Australia.

In 2005, the group embarked on a series of acquisitions designed to increase its breadth and depth and expand its operations into new markets. It acquired Arlington, Eurinpro, Akeler, Rosemound and J-REP.[2]

The Goodman Group you see today was formed in 2007 following these acquisitions. It emerged from this period of growth as one of the leading international players in industrial property, business space and fund management.


This company specialises in the developing and managing of Business, Science and Commercial Parks.


Goodman UK has a number of parks situatued throughout the United Kingdom, these include the following:


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