Gombak River

Gombak River

The Gombak River (left) merges with the Klang River (right) in Kuala Lumpur.
Native name (Malay) Sungai Gombak
Country Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Main source Gunung Bunga Buah
River mouth Confluence with the Klang River
Basin size 122 km2 (47 sq mi)[1]
Physical characteristics
Length 27 km (17 mi)[1]

The Gombak River (Malay: Sungai Gombak) is a river which flows through Selangor and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. It is a tributary of the Klang River. The point where it meets the Klang River is the origin of Kuala Lumpur's name.

Gombak River was used to be called Sungai Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur's name was taken as it was located in Sungai Lumpur's confluence or "Kuala Lumpur".[2]

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Coordinates: 3°08′53″N 101°41′43″E / 3.14806°N 101.69528°E / 3.14806; 101.69528

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