Golden Goblet Jury Grand Prix

The Golden Goblet Jury Grand Prix (Chinese: 金爵奖评委会大奖) is a special jury prize awarded to films in the main category of competition at the Shanghai International Film Festival.

Award Winners

Year Film Country
1993 Cageman Hong Kong
1995 House Of Fire Argentina
American Daughter Russia
1997 Live At Peace China
Mendel Norway
1999 The Lunatics' Ball New Zealand
2001 no award this year
2002 All About Lily Chou-Chou Japan
2003 no award this year
2004 Jasmine Women China
2005 Gimme Kudos China
2006 The Forest Gang China
2007 The New Man Sweden
2008 Old Fish China
2009 The Search China
2010 Deep in the Clouds China
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