Goebbels: A Biography

Goebbels: A Biography
Author Peter Longerich
Original title Goebbels: Biographie
Translators Alan Bance, Jeremy Noakes, Lesley Sharpe
Language English
Genre Biography
Published 2010
Publisher Random House
Published in English
Media type Book
Pages 964
ISBN 978-1-4000-6751-0

Goebbels: A Biography is a 2015 book by Peter Longerich. The book presents an account and analysis of the life of Nazi leader Joseph Goebbels, based on the diary he kept from 1923 to 1945. It is an English translation of the 2010 German book Goebbels: Biographie by Longerich.[1][2]

Goebbels' estate sued publisher Random House, because the book quotes excerpts from his diaries without paying royalties to his estate.[3]


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