Glyder Fach

Glyder Fach

Glyder Fach from Gallt yr Ogof
Highest point
Elevation 994 m (3,261 ft)
Prominence 74.5 m (244 ft)
Parent peak Glyder Fawr
Listing Hewitt, Welsh 3000s, Nuttall
Translation small mound (Welsh)
Pronunciation Welsh: [ˈɡlɪdɛr ˈvɑːx]
Location Snowdonia, Wales
OS grid SH656583
Topo map OS Landranger 115
Listed summits of Glyder Fach
Name Grid ref Height Status
Castell y Gwynt 972 m (3,189 ft) Nuttall

Glyder Fach is a mountain in Snowdonia, north-west Wales, and is the second highest of the Glyderau and the sixth highest in Wales. Routes to the summit lead from Tryfan and Bristly Ridge to the north, via Glyder Fawr from Pen-y-Pass to the south, and along the Glyder ridge to the east, towards Capel Curig. It is a popular spot for climbers.

According to Sir Ifor Williams, the word "Glyder" derives from the Welsh word "Gludair", meaning a heap of stones.

Situated near the summit is the Cantilever Stone (Welsh: Y Gwyliwr), a large rock which from the correct angle appears to be precariously balanced, making it a popular place for photographs. Another notable feature, west of the summit, is Castell y Gwynt, a spiky rocky outcrop.[1]

The Cantilever
Flying Buttress, a popular VDiff climbing route.

Bristly Ridge

Bristly Ridge is a grade 1 scramble in Snowdonia. It is located on the north side of Glyder Fach.[2] Consensus puts the difficulty at Grade 1, but it is at the upper end of the grade and some lines qualify as Grade 2. There are some exposed and steep sections of climbing, particularly the upper pitch of Sinister Gully and in Great Pinnacle Gap. However these sections may be bypassed in favour of easier lines, reducing the overall difficulty to Grade 1.[3]

Incidental Information

"Castell y Gwynt" and the "Cantilever Stone" were used in Walt Disney's 1981 movie Dragonslayer, this was one entrance to the Dragon's lair.

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Coordinates: 53°06′18″N 4°00′33″W / 53.10491°N 4.00905°W / 53.10491; -4.00905

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