Global Policy Forum

For the Alliance for Financial Inclusion's Global Policy Forum, see AFI Global Policy Forum.

Global Policy Forum or GPF, founded in 1993, is an organization seeking to promote accountability of international organizations such as the United Nations and strengthen international law.[1]

Founding Executive Director James Paul and his team have written a number of prominent policy papers on such topics as global taxes, Security Council reform, the world food/hunger crisis, and problems of development aid. GPF's website has collections of analyses on subjects such as UN reform, international development, NGOs, and globalization.

GPF's stated mission is to:

GPF has consultative status at the United Nations. It convenes the NGO Working Group on the Security Council about 40 times per year, usually meeting with Security Council Ambassadors and occasionally with senior UN Secretariat officials or Foreign Ministers.[2] Its primary office is in New York, located in the United Nations Plaza. Since September 2004 it has had a branch based in Bonn, Germany, called Global Policy Forum Europe.


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