Glia maturation factor

glia maturation factor, beta
Symbol GMFB
Entrez 2764
HUGO 4373
OMIM 601713
RefSeq NM_004124
UniProt P60983
Other data
Locus Chr. 14 q22.1
glia maturation factor, gamma
Symbol GMFG
Entrez 9535
HUGO 4374
OMIM 604104
RefSeq NM_004877
UniProt O60234
Other data
Locus Chr. 19 q13.2

Glia maturation factor is a neurotrophic factor implicated in nervous system development, angiogenesis and immune function.

The structures of mouse glia maturation factors beta and gamma, solved by both crystallography and NMR, reveal similarities and critical differences with ADF-H (actin depolymerization factor homology) domains and suggest new means of experimentally addressing the function of this protein family.[1]


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Stereo ribbon diagram of the crystal structure of GMFG. Spectral coloring is from blue (N-terminus) to red (C-terminus). Secondary structural elements are indicated

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