Glenn Gordon Caron

Glenn Gordon Caron
Born 1954 (age 6162)
United States
Occupation Writer, television producer, film director

Glenn Gordon Caron (born 1954) (sometimes credited as Glenn Caron) is an American television writer, director and producer, probably best known for the television series Moonlighting[1] in the 1980s and Medium in the 2000s. He lives in Los Angeles, California.


Caron graduated from the State University of New York at Geneseo in 1975. After his graduation he studied with Del Close and The Second City, before starting a career at an advertising agency.[2] While working here he was invited by NBC to write a pilot for the network. While the pilot would not receive a series order his work impressed writer and producer James L. Brooks who invited him to join the writing staff of Taxi.

He subsequently wrote and produced the first ten episodes of Remington Steele before leaving to form his own company Picturemaker Productions. His 1985 show Moonlighting was a worldwide hit, it revitalised the career of Cybill Shepherd and launched the career of Bruce Willis. He made his feature directorial debut with 1988's Clean and Sober, starring Michael Keaton and Morgan Freeman.

Caron returned to television in 1999 creating and producing the short-lived series Now and Again[1] (19992000). In 2001 Fox ordered 13 episodes of the Caron created Fling. The network became unhappy with the direction of the series and cancelled the show during the production of the seventh episode.[3] As a result, none of the completed episodes have ever been aired.

In 2005 Caron created Medium for NBC. He also served as executive producer of the show, wrote several episodes and directed the series pilot. It ran for seven seasons, the last two on CBS, until early 2011.[4]

Caron was the recipient of the 2007 Outstanding Television Writer Award at the Austin Film Festival.

In 2008 Caron developed a pilot for the CBS Network titled The Meant to Be's,[5] about a woman who dies only to find herself sent back to earth to help people get their life back on track. It was not developed any further than the pilot stage.

In 2013, Caron wrote a pilot for a 2014 Fox television series titled The Middle Man. Set in the 1960s, a Boston FBI agent and his Irish-American informant take on the Italian-American mafia. Ben Affleck will executive produce and direct the pilot.[6]

He is married with three children, and is the owner of Picturemaker Productions.



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