Giuseppe Recchi

Giuseppe Recchi
Born 1964
Nationality Italian
Occupation firm manager

Giuseppe Recchi (born 1964) is an Italian firm manager.[1]

Since April 2014 he is the Executive President of Telecom Italia Group.[2]


Education and early career

Belonging to a Turin family of businessmen, Giuseppe Recchi has started working really young in his Family’s firm, called Impresa Recchi Costruzioni Generali, founded in 1933.[3] Giuseppe Recchi entered the company right after earning the Engineering Bachelor at Politecnico University based in Turin in 1989.[4][5] Firm’s main activities are related to the raising of big infrastructures, such as powerhouses, bridges, dykes, highways and galleries, in both Italian and foreign territories (Africa, Latin America, Asia, USA).[6] In 1994, he became both Executive President of Recchi America Inc., the US branch of his family firm, and CEO of the company dealing with the international activities of the Group (today named Condotte S.p.A.).

General Electric

In 1999, Giuseppe Recchi entered General Electric,[7] the multinational corporation led at that time by Jack Welch. After two years spent in the US, Giuseppe Recchi made his comeback to Europe, heading at first to London, where he was appointed in charge of industrial acquisition of the Group in the EMEA area, and then to Italy where he became CEO and President of GE South Europe.


In May 2011, Giuseppe Recchi was nominated as Eni Group’s President, after 12 years spent in General Electric.[8] He is 47 years old at the time of his nomination, which means he was the youngest President ever in the company, alongside with its founder Enrico Mattei.[9] In the course of his charge, he was deeply involved in the matter of allowing access to energy to emerging Countries. This leads him to make a speech in front of Ban Ki-Moon, during the United Nations Global Compact forum, which took place at the United Nation seat, as part of the work team dedicated to “Access to Energy” program called World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).[10] Furthermore he took part to the Rio+20 conference (United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development) in 2012,[11] when he also became Global Economic Forum’s spokesperson, to debate about measures against corruption, during Moscow’s edition of G20 meeting.[12] He remained in charge until spring 2014.

Telecom Italia

On April, 16th 2014, Telecom Italia’s shareholders council has elected Giuseppe Recchi as new President of the Board of Directors,[13] gaining 97,92% of the votes.[14] On June 26, 2014 the Board of Directors has nominated him, moreover, as Executive President. Since July 2014 he has been holding the title of President of Telecom Italia’s Foundation, which promotes every project that helps the Country to improve and to turn digital.[15] From March, 22nd 2016 to March, 30th 2016 he was in charge ad interim instead of the resigning Marco Patuano, until Flavio Cattaneo has been assigned as news CEO.[16][17]

Private life

Giuseppe Recchi is married and has three children.[18] Keen on sports, he is an agonistic player of sailing and motorcycling. He attended, indeed, numerous national and international competition, such as Morocco Rally race in 2013.[19] He has been also part of the Aspen Institute.[20]

Academic experiences and publications

From 2004 to 2006 Giuseppe Recchi was Professor of the Corporate Finance course, held in the Economies faculty of the University of Turin.[21] In 2014, his book, called “Nuove energie. Le sfide per lo sviluppo dell'occidente” (New energies. Challenges for Occidental development) has been released, whose introduction has been written by Sergio Romano (an important Italian editor) and published by Marsilio editions.[22]

Awards and recognitions

On May, 6th 2015 Recchi received, at the Regina hall in Montecitorio, the Guido Carli award,[23] dedicated to Italian excellences in the economy, finance, culture and social fields.


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