Gio National Forest

Gio National Forest
IUCN category IV (habitat/species management area)
Location Nimba County, Liberia
Nearest city Bobli
Coordinates 6°40′00″N 8°40′00″W / 6.66667°N 8.66667°W / 6.66667; -8.66667Coordinates: 6°40′00″N 8°40′00″W / 6.66667°N 8.66667°W / 6.66667; -8.66667
Area 327 square kilometres (126 sq mi)
Established 1960

The Gio National Forest is found in Liberia. It was established in 1960 and covers 327 km².[1]


It is thought that the Gio National Forest (in central Nimba County) used to support some populations of Chimpanzees, but these days have either disappeared or occur in very small groups (Kormos et al. 2003)


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