Gilbert Chu

Gilbert Chu
Nationality American
Fields Biochemistry
Institutions Stanford University
Alma mater Princeton University, M.I.T., Harvard Medical School

Gilbert Chu (Chinese: ; pinyin: Zhū Zhùwén) is an American biochemist. He is a Professor of Medicine (Oncology) and Biochemistry at the Stanford Medical School.

He graduated from Garden City High School in New York in 1963. He received a B.A. in Physics from Princeton University in 1967, a Ph.D. in Physics from M.I.T. in 1973, and an M.D. from Harvard Medical School in 1980. He joined the Stanford faculty in 1987. His research has investigated how cells react to DNA damage from radiation. He has also developed electroporation techniques, a method for pulsed-field electrophoresis, and methods for analyzing microarray data . He received the Clinical Scientist Award for Translational Research from Burroughs-Wellcome Fund (Wellcome Trust), and the Rita Allen Award from the Rita Allen Foundation .

Personal life

His younger brother Steven Chu is a Nobel laureate and the twelfth United States Secretary of Energy in the Obama Administration.[1] His other younger brother is the intellectual property attorney Morgan Chu.


A complete listing of publications can be found here.


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