Ghanaians in Japan

Ghanaians in Japan
Total population
Various estimates:

Japanese, English, Ghana Languages

( Akan , Dagbani Language , Ewe , gar language , etc.)
Mainly Christianity, Islam
Related ethnic groups

Japan Ghanaian ( Japan Ghana Jin ) is the people of Ghana nationality for a certain period of time living in Japan . Naturalization and exile the people in Japan , and referred to as the Ghana -based Japanese that of its descendants.


According to the foreign residents statistics of the Ministry of Justice , 2,005 people of Ghanaian at the time of the end of 2015 are residents registered in Japan in regular.[1] Ghanaian come to Japan began to increase in the 1990s , the African continent has become a scale of the community , second only to Nigeria . Most of which are concentrated in the Tokyo metropolitan area , permanent residents most often . Most of the Ghanaian came to Japan since the early 1990s as foreign workers , factory , men work in construction sites and eateries , etc. accounted for the majority . In addition , many people who came to Japan as an exchange student . And , after or to obtain a permanent residency was married to a Japanese , without even less that acquired Japanese nationality , are born many II of Ghana -based Japanese . In particular, in the sports world has an increasing number of young to be active by taking advantage of its privileged physical abilities , in keeping deeply in Japanese society .

Prominent in Japan Ghanaian - Ghana -based Japanese


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