Ghana Highways Authority

Ghana Highway Authority
Agency overview
Formed 1974
Preceding agency
  • Public Works Department
Headquarters Accra
Parent agency Ministry of Roads and Highways

The Ghana Highway Authority was established as a body corporate by GHA Degree 1974 (NRCD 298). NRCD 298 was repealed by GHA Act 1997 (Act 540 ) which, however, continued the Authority in existence with responsibility for the administration, control, development and maintenance of the country's trunk road network totalling 13,367 km and related facilities. GHA's 13,367 km trunk roads make about 33% of Ghana's total road network of 40,186 km.[1]


All the Divisions of the Authority are grouped under three (3) main Departments, namely;

Administration Department

This Department embraces 7 Divisions, namely;

There is an Internal Audit Division, that is directly responsible to the Chief Executive, but which for administration purposes, reports to the Deputy Chief Executive (Administration). [2]

Development Department

This Department embraces 7 Divisions, namely;

Maintenance Department

This Department embraces;

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