Georges Mounin

Georges Mounin, born Louis Leboucher, who also wrote under the pseudonym Jean Boucher (June 20, 1910 - January 10, 1993) was a French linguist, translator and semiotician. He was active in the French Resistance and the French Communist Party.


Louis Julien Leboucher was the son of a glass-maker. He started using the pseudonym 'Georges Mounin' in 1943, to escape censorship by the Vichy government. A member of the French Communist Party, he was also active in the French Resistance.[1]

As a linguist, Mounin was a disciple of André Martinet. He was an Italianist who wrote on the theory of translation, the history of linguistics, stylistics and semiology.[2]

Conrad Bureau, a former student of Mounin's, compiled an exhaustive 950-item bibliography of his writings.[3]



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