George Dromgold

George C. Dromgold

George C. Dromgold (left) and James B. Shackelford, 1933
Born July 14, 1893
Los Angeles
Died April 9, 1948 (aged 54)
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Nationality US
Occupation actor, writer
Spouse(s) Helen S. Dromgold

George C. Dromgold (July 14, 1893 – April 9, 1948) was an actor and writer, who wrote a book about his South Seas exploration.

Early years

George Dromgold was the son of Reuben Wigor Dromgold, a Los Angeles businessman, real estate investor, and member of the Los Angeles City Council, and Nellie Squire Dromgold.[1] George Dromgold worked as a salesman, lived for a time in Honolulu, and entered movies in 1914. He received his first screenplay credit in 1927.

Later career

In 1933, Dromgold and James B. Shackelford traveled to the Great Barrier Reef and Papua, spending three months at Fiji. At Suva, they observed and analyzed fire-walking.[2] Dromgold wrote a book, Two Lugs on a Lugger, with photographs by Shackelford, describing their adventures.[3]

Selected filmography


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