George Boley

Dr.George Eutychianus Saigbe Boley (born 7 December 1949) is a Liberian politician and former rebel leader. He is a member of the Krahn ethnic group. Boley was a junior minister in the administration of President William Tolbert, but was briefly jailed for his associations with opposition groups. He was released on the morning of the 1980 military coup that brought Samuel Doe to power. Boley later became Minister of Presidential Affairs and Minister of Education under President Doe. After Doe's murder in September 1990, he went into exile in the United States, but returned in 1993 to take over the leadership of the Liberia Peace Council (LPC), a rebel group that participated in the Liberian Civil War.

Boley participated in the country's first post-war presidential election, held on 19 July 1997. Representing the National Democratic Party of Liberia (NDPL), he won only 1.26% of the vote.


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