Georg Nöbeling

Georg August Nöbeling (12 November 1907 – 16 February 2008) was a German mathematician.

Born and raised in Lüdenscheid, Nöbeling studied mathematics and physics in Göttingen and Vienna, where he was a student of Karl Menger and received his PhD in 1931 on a generalization of the embedding theorem, which for one special case can be visualized by the Menger sponge.[1] Nöbeling worked and researched in Menger's Mathematical Colloquium with Kurt Gödel, Franz Alt, Abraham Wald, Olga Taussky-Todd and others.

In 1933, he moved to Erlangen, where he obtained a professorship at the University of Erlangen in 1940. His work focused on analysis, topology, and geometry. 1968/1969 he solved Specker's theorem on Abelian groups.

As Rector (1962-1963) of the University of Erlangen he oversaw the merge with the business college in Nuremberg.[2] He also served twice as the chairman of the German Mathematical Society and is a member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities. He celebrated his 100th birthday in 2007.[3][4]

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