Geo Omori

In this Japanese name, the family name is Geo.
Geo Omori
Born 1898
Died 1938
food poisoning
Style Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo
Notable students Luiz França[1]

Geo Omori (died 1938) was a Japanese-born Brazilian martial artist, and one of the creators of judo-based martial arts in Brazil. [2]

Martial arts teaching

Geo opened the first Jujitsu/Judo school in Brazil in 1909.[3] He taught in Rio de Janeiro, and in 1925 opened a school in São Paulo.[4] He was instrumental in the establishment of Brazilian jiu-jitsu by establishing the first Jujitu school in São Paulo.[3] He would later instruct key Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu founder Luiz França.[3] His other student included Carlos Pereira.[2]

Fighting career

He was one of the first kings of mixed martial arts of his era.[5] He sparked the Vale Tudo craze of the 1920s and 1930s in Brazil.[3] Geo had an extensive fight history engaging fighters of various styles including capoeira, boxing, and wrestling.[3] A 1928 issue of the New York Times highlighted one of his fights against a "negro" capoeira fighter, in which Geo Omori won.[3] He fought many members of the Gracie family including George Gracie and Carlos Gracie.[3] His feud with Carlos Gracie is well documented.[6] One place of a documented fight of his was Circus Queirolos, a Brazilian Circus.[7] His death in 1938 was attributed to food poisoning.[8]


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