Genocide Organ

Genocide Organ
Also known as G.O
Origin Mannheim, Germany
Genres Power electronics
Death industrial
Years active 1986-Present

Genocide Organ is a German power electronics/death industrial group that formed in 1986.

Taken from Remember 3xLP booklet.[1]

"Genocide Organ have provoked reaction from listeners - be those extremists who perceive the group have certain sympathies that align with their own, or vocal detractors labeling the group as racist, fascist, or more crudely - hate mongers. likewise for those listeners intelligent enough (or otherwise uninterested) in making such simplistic and polarized views of Genocide Organ, merely the extremity of sound can likewise provoke reactions from revulsion through to pure pleasure (the pleasures received in pain is an amply adage here)."

Genocide Organ in an interview:[2]

"We never say what we think, and we never believe what we say, and if we tell the truth by accident, we hide it under so many lies that it is difficult to find out" (June 1999)


Title Form Year Extra information
Leichenlinie LP 1989 Reissued in 2010 on LP and CD
A Case of Orthopedic Fetishism 7" 1991 Re-issued together with 虐殺機関 in 2012
Save Our Slaves LP+7" 1991
A Functional Chapter of Sexual Process 7" 1992 Re-issued together with 虐殺機関 in 2012
Schmerztherapie 93 VHS 1993 Unofficial
Leichenlinies 2xCD 1995 Unofficial reissue together with the De Fabriek album Leichenlinie
Mind Control LP 1995
Remember 2xLP 1997 Reissued in 2007 on 2xCD and 3xLP
Klan Kountry 7" 1996
The Truth Will Make You Free LP 1999 Also includes Leichenlinie on CD
Genocide Organ 虐殺機関 CD 2003 Reissued on 2xLP and CD in 2012, and on cassette in 2015
In-Konflikt CD/LP 2004
Under - Kontrakt CD/LP 2011
Obituary Of The Americas CD/LP 2016 Recon members who ordered the LP also received an extra cassette


  1. Taken from Remember 3xLP booklet.
  2. Taken from Remember 3xLP booklet.

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