Generational list of programming languages

For programming languages categorized by generational numbers, see programming language generations.

Here, a genealogy of programming languages is shown. Languages are categorized under the ancestor language with the strongest influence. Those ancestor languages are listed in alphabetical order. Of course, any such categorization has a large arbitrary element, since programming languages often incorporate major ideas from multiple sources.

ALGOL based

APL based

BASIC based

Batch languages

C based

COBOL based

COMIT based

DCL based

ed based

Eiffel based

Forth based

Fortran based

FP based

HyperTalk based

Java based

JavaScript based

JOSS based

Lisp based

ML based

PL/I based

Prolog based

SASL based

SETL based

sh based

Simula based

Tcl based


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