Gazela Pipeline

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Country Czech Republic
General direction north–south
From Hora Svaté Kateřiny
Passes through Mladotice
To Rozvadov/Waidhaus
General information
Type Natural gas
Operator Net4Gas
Construction started 14 October 2010
Commissioned 14 January 2013
Technical information
Length 166 km (103 mi)
Maximum discharge 33×10^9 m3/a (1.2×10^12 cu ft/a)
Diameter 1,422 mm (56 in)

Gazela is a natural gas pipeline in the Czech Republic. It is operated by Net4Gas, a company owned by Allianz Capital Partners and Borealis Infrastructure. The project cost around €400 million.[1]


Construction started on 14 October 2010 in Krušné Hory, north Bohemia.[2] It was constructed by Russian Stroytransgaz.[3][4]

The pipeline was officially opened on 14 January 2013.[5]


The pipeline connects the north Bohemian town of Hora Svaté Kateřiny and Rozvadov/Waidhaus on the Czech–German border. These are natural gas border delivery stations by which Russian gas is transported from the Czech Republic to Germany. In north the Gazela pipeline is connected to the OPAL pipeline, a connection pipeline to Nord Stream.[6]

There were three possible route options with the length from 166 to 235 kilometres (103 to 146 mi).[7] It was decided to construct the pipeline in the 166 kilometres (103 mi) long route along the existing gas pipelines. The pipeline will divert from the existing pipelines only in the MladoticeChomutov section.[8]

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