Gathering of Nations

Gathering of Nations, Albuquerque, NM - April 2007

The Gathering of Nations is the largest Pow-wow in the United States and North America. It is held annually the fourth weekend in April, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Over 500 tribes from around the United States and Canada travel to Albuquerque to participate. There are 32 Dance categories, and different age group categories including Elders (70+), Golden Age (55+), Adults (19+), Teens and Tiny Tots. Other competitions include Northern Singers, Southern Singers, Women's Back-up Singing, and a competition for Drum Groups and Drummers and other various special competitions. A pageant for Miss Indian World is held each year. The winner is chosen based upon personality, knowledge of tribal traditions, and dancing ability. There is also an Indian Traders Market featuring artists, crafters and traders selling Native American and Indigenous arts and crafts.

Electric 49

The Electric 49 was an annual Native American Music concert held during the weekend of Pow-wow, but in no way associated with the official events of the Gathering.

The concert was originated/created by the group Red Earth in 1998, and saw eight annual editions since that year. Since 2006, however, there has not been another festival, as Red Earth remains on hiatus. The Electric 49 focused on highlighting artistically challenging Native American Musicians throughout the Americas, and its goal was to highlight contemporary Native music.

Throughout the years, the Electric 49 has featured Red Earth, Robert Mirabal, Ethnic DeGeneration, Star Nayea, Native Roots, Casper, Querosene Jacare (of Brazil), Cisco, Derek Miller, Stoic Frame, DJ Abel and Quese IMC. True to the diversity of contemporary native music, festival performers have been from genres including Heavy metal, Reggae, Blues, Hip hop, and Waila (Chicken Scratch).

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