Gateway Cities

This article is about the region in California. For the cities in Massachusetts, see Massachusetts gateway cities.
The Gateway Cities, shaded in blue (the boundary is approximate)

The Gateway Cities Region is located in southeastern Los Angeles County, Southern California.

The "Gateway Cities Council of Governments" (GCOG) is located in the city of Paramount.

Cities in the Gateway Region

Most area residents identify with the city of Los Angeles due to its proximity, despite living in independent municipalities. The following cities are members of the Gateway Cities Council of Governments:

Also members of the Gateway Cities Council of Governments:

Cities also parts of other LA County regions

There are overlapping boundaries and definitions for the Gateway Cities Region and other regions in the south and east county area, including: South Los Angeles (on north), Los Angeles Harbor Region (within south GC), East Los Angeles Region, South Bay Region (on west), and the San Gabriel Valley (on northeast).

San Gabriel Valley Region:

East Los Angeles Region:

South Los Angeles Region:

South Bay Region



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