Gatas Brilhantes H.P.

Gatas Brilhantes
AffiliationHello! Project
FoundedSeptember 2003
CoachTsuyoshi Kitazawa
CaptainHitomi Yoshizawa
Ayumi Shibata[1]
Sub-captainMiki Fujimoto
Top scorerMiki Korenaga
Outfield players

Gatas Brilhantes H.P. (ガッタス・ブリリャンチス H.P. Gattasu Buriryanchisu Etchi Pī, Portuguese word for Shining Cats H.P.) is the Hello! Project futsal club.


On April 23, 2007, nine new members from Mix Gatas were added to the team mainly from Berryz Kobo and Cute with one member from Hello! Project Eggs.[2]

On June 18, 2007, Asami Konno joined select members of the team to create the group Ongaku Gatas while also continuing to play for the futsal team.

Team members

Supervisors and coaches

PositionNameMiscellaneous information
SupervisorTsuyoshi KitazawaFormer player of J. League team, Tokyo Verdy 1969, and ambassador of Japan Football Association
CoachKiyoshi SaganeAffiliated with "Predator Urayasu Futsal Club"
Kenta FujiiAffiliated with "Predator Urayasu Futsal Club"
ReinaldoFormer player of J. League team, Shonan Bellmare
Ryouko SaitouAffiliated with "Parareds Futsal Setagaya"
Goal keeper coachToru FurushouAffiliated with "Goodwill Cascavel"
TrainerEmi ItamiFormer player of a L. League team


Current members
Uniform number Name Group
1 Nozomi Tsuji (Goalkeeper)Up-Front Agency currently inactive
6 Miki FujimotoUp-Front Agency currently inactive
7 Miki KorenagaUp-Front Agency
9 Rika IshikawaUp-Front Agency
10 Hitomi Yoshizawa (Captain)Up-Front Agency
17 Maimi Yajima°C-ute
18 Risa Ono
20 Konatsu FurukawaUp-Up Girls
21 Ayano SatoUp-Up Girls
24 Akari SahoUp-Up Girls
26 Chisato Okai°C-ute
28 Minami SengokuUp-Up Girls
31 Saki MoriUp-Up Girls
32 Saki Nagai
33 Kanae Sugawara
34 Megumi Yaguchi (Goalkeeper)
Former members
Makoto OgawaUp-Front Agency
Miuna SaitoFormer Country Musume member
Masae OotaniFormer Melon Kinenbi member
Aya MatsuuraUp-Front Agency
Asami KimuraFormer Country Musume member
Hitomi SaitoFormer Melon Kinenbi member
Maki Gotosoloist under Avex Trax
Miyuki KawashimaFormer Hello Pro Kenshuusei member
Ayumi ShibataFormer Melon Kinenbi member
Mai SatodaFormer Country Musume member
Asami Konno (Goalkeeper)TV Tokyo announcer
Saki ShimizuBerryz Kobo
Erika Umeda (Goalkeeper)Former °C-ute member
Maasa Sudo (Goalkeeper)Berryz Kobo
Chinami TokunagaBerryz Kobo
Miyabi NatsuyakiBerryz Kobo
Saki Nakajima°C-ute
Suzuki Airi°C-ute
Mika MutouFormer Hello Pro Kenshuusei member



The official Gatas uniform is orange with white accents. All of the members of Morning Musume wore jerseys similar to the Gatas uniforms in the Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~ PV. There is also a second uniform in a light blue color that is not worn as often, but recently made an appearance at a training camp held in June. The keepers Konno Asami and Nozomi Tsuji wore new red jerseys for the duration of the camp. There is also a third uniform that was worn for a futsal clinic held on July 2, 2005. These clinic uniforms were light pink.

Other uniforms are navy blue and orange for home games, and orange with navy blue for away games.



Rank Name Year
2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Total
1 Hitomi Yoshizawa 1 3 10 5 1 1 21
2 Ayumi Shibata 3 3 1 7 14
3 Miki Korenaga 3 4 1 1 2 11
3 Miki Fujimoto 4 2 4 1 11
5 Rika Ishikawa 3 2 1 2 8
6 Mai Satoda 1 1 3 1 6
7 Mika Muto 1 1
7 Maasa Sudo 1 1
7 Nozomi Tsuji 1 1

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  1. Shibata acted as the team's captain when Hitomi Yoshizawa had attended other duties during summer 2006. The team then used the name "Mix Gatas."
  2. "Gatas Brilhantes H.P. gains 9 new members". Hello! 2007-04-23.
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