Roasted garaettok
Korean name
Hangul 가래떡 / 흰떡 / 권모
Hanja none / 白餠 / 拳模
Revised Romanization garaetteok / huintteok / gwonmo
McCune–Reischauer karaetteok / hǔinttōk / kwōnmo

Garaetteok is a variety of tteok or Korean rice cake, formed into a long white cylinder shape. It is made by pounding steamed rice flour, made mostly from non-glutinous rice. It is used in various Korean dishes such as the spicy tteokbokki and skewered tteok sanjeok. Thinly sliced garaetteok is used for making tteok guk, the traditional dish to eat for the New Year.[1][2]

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