Gandondu Hennaru

Gandondu Hennaru
Directed by B. R. Panthulu
Produced by B. R. Panthulu
Written by M. Ramachandra
Screenplay by Padmini Pictures Katha Vibhaga
Starring Rajkumar
Music by T. G. Lingappa
Cinematography A Shanmugam
P L Nagappa
G K Ramu
Edited by R Devarajan
Padmini Pictures
Distributed by Padmini Pictures
Release dates
  • 15 March 1969 (1969-03-15)
Running time
155 min
Country India
Language Kannada

Gandondu Hennaru (Kannada: ಗಂಡೊಂದು ಹೆಣ್ಣಾರು) is a 1969 Indian Kannada film, directed and produced by B. R. Panthulu. The film stars Rajkumar, Bharathi, Narasimharaju and Mynavathi in lead roles. The film had musical score by T. G. Lingappa.[1][2]


A man visits a happy elderly couple who advice him how a wife must be-having 6 good qualities. These qualities helps her build a happy family. He searches for a woman with those qualities. After being tricked and turned around he finds his soulmate and returns back to get the blessings of the elderly couple.



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