Gan River

For the river in Inner Mongolia, see Gan River (Inner Mongolia).
Gan River

Gan River and Yuhong Pagoda in Ganzhou
Country  People's Republic of China (Jiangxi)
River mouth Lake Poyang
Physical characteristics
Length 885 km (550 mi)
  • Average rate:
    1,667 m3/s (58,900 cu ft/s)

The Gan River flows through the western part of Jiangxi province, China, before flowing into Lake Poyang and thence into the Yangtze River.

The Xiang-Gan uplands separate it from the Xiang River of neighbouring eastern Hunan.[1]

It is the major geographical backbone of Jiangxi, and gives its name to the Gan language.[2]

The river feeds into Lake Poyang, which in turns connects with the Yangtze.[3]


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Coordinates: 28°31′55″N 115°48′54″E / 28.532°N 115.815°E / 28.532; 115.815

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