Gambian general election, 1992

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General elections were held in the Gambia on 29 April 1992. The election date was announced on 14 February and the National Assembly was dissolved three days later. A total of 130 candidates ran for the 36 elected seats, though the ruling People's Progressive Party was the only one with a candidate in every seat. Although he had announced his retirement in December 1991, President Dawda Jawara changed his mind and ran for the position again. Both elections were won by the PPP, with Jawara remaining president, winning 58.5% of the vote.[1] Voter turnout was around 55.8%.


The opposition focussed its campaign on corruption and economic mismanagement. The PPP promised it would boost the tourism industry and the economic situation of groundnut farmers.

Presidential election

Candidate Party Votes %
Dawda JawaraPeople's Progressive Party117,54958.48
Sheriff Mustapha DibbaNational Convention Party44,63922.21
Assan Musa CamaraGambian People's Party16,2878.10
Lamin BojangPeople's Democratic Party11,9995.97
Sidia JattaPeople's Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism10,5435.24
Registered votes/turnout338,73959.3
Source: Hughes & Perfect[2]

Parliamentary election

Party Votes % Seats +/-
People's Progressive Party 109.059 54,2 25 -6
National Convention Party 45.953 22,9 6 +1
Gambian People's Party 13.937 6,9 2 +2
People's Democratic Party 9.291 4,6 0 New
People's Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism 4.632 2,3 0 0
United Party 2.892 1,4 0 0
Independents 15.331 7,6 3 +3
Presidential appointees - - 8 0
Paramount chiefs' representatives - - 5 0
Attorney General (ex officio) - - 1 0
Total 201.095 100 50 +1
Source: Inter-Parliamentary Union, Edie, Nohlen et al.


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