Galaxy Records

Galaxy Records
Parent company Fantasy Records
Founded 1964 (1964)
Founder Max Weiss
Sol Weiss
Status Defunct
Genre Jazz
Country of origin U.S.
Location Berkeley, California

Galaxy Records was a record label founded in 1964 by Max and Sol Weiss in Berkeley, California. It was a division of Fantasy Records.[1]

In 1967 Galaxy and Fantasy were sold. After ten years of inactivity, Galaxy released albums by Art Pepper, Chet Baker, Stanley Cowell, Nat Adderley, Tommy Flanagan, Red Garland, Johnny Griffin, Roy Haynes, Hank Jones, Philly Joe Jones, Shelly Manne, and Ira Sullivan.[1]


C. late 1970s

5100 series
Artist Album
5101 Manne, Shelly Essence
5102 Davis, Richard Fancy Free
5103 Haynes, Roy Thank You, Thank You
5104 Cowell, Stanley Waiting for the Moment
5105 Jones, Hank Just for Fun
5106 Garland, Red Crossings
5107 Tjader, Cal Breathe Easy
5108 Jones, Hank Tiptoe Tapdance
5109 Garland, Red Red Alert
5110 Flanagan, Tommy Something Borrowed, Something Blue
5111 Cowell, Stanley Talkin' 'Bout Love
5112 Jones, Philly Joe Philly Mignon
5113 Flanagan, Tommy & Hank Jones Our Delights
5114 Sullivan, Ira Peace
5115 Garland, Red Equinox
5116 Haynes, Roy Vistalite
5117 Griffin, Johnny Return of the Griffin
5118 Redman, Dewey Musics
5119 Pepper, Art Art Pepper Today
5120 Adderley, Nat Little New York Midtown Music, A
5121 Tjader, Cal Here
5122 Jones, Philly Joe Advance!
5123 Jones, Hank Ain't Misbehavin'
5124 Manne, Shelly French Concert
5125 Cowell, Stanley Equipoise
5126 Griffin, Johnny Bush Dance
5127 Pepper, Art Straight Life
5128 Pepper, Art Landscape
5129 Garland, Red Stepping Out
5130 Redman, Dewey Soundsigns
5131 Cowell, Stanley New World
5132 Griffin, Johnny NYC Underground
5133 Various Artists Ballads by Four
5134 Griffin, Johnny Five Birds and a Monk[2]
5135 Garland, Red Strike Up the Band
5137 Sullivan, Ira Multimedia
5139 Griffin, Johnny To the Ladies
5140 Pepper, Art Winter Moon
5141 Pepper, Art One September Afternoon
5142 Pepper, Art Roadgame
5143 Pepper, Art & George Cables Goin' Home
5144 Watanabe, Sadao Carnaval
5145 Pepper, Art Art Lives
5146 Griffin, Johnny Call It Whachawanna
5147 Pepper, Art & George Cables Tête-à-Tête
5148 Pepper, Art Artworks
5149 Garland, Red So Long Blues
5150 Baker, Chet Once Upon a Summertime
5151 Pepper, Art APQ
5152 Flanagan, Tommy & Hank Jones More Delights
5153 Jones, Philly Joe Drum Song
5154 Pepper, Art New York Album


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