Route of the Monasteries of Valencia

Cloister of the Monastery of Sant Jeroni de Cotalba, in Alfauir, the beginning of the Route of the Monasteries.
General view of the Monastery of la Murta, in Alzira.

The Route of the Monasteries of Valencia (GR-236) is a religious and cultural route that connects five monasteries located in central region of the Province of Valencia, (Valencian Community), in Spain. The Route was inaugurated in the year 2008.[1][2]

The Monasteries

The route includes the following five monasteries:


There are four distinct itineraries. The first road, for condition for hiking: the GR-236 (over 90 km in length), the second route, access to the monasteries with vehicles. The four routes are different and each one goes through different towns, but both routes pass by the five monasteries.

Route GR-236

Identifier Denomination Tour Itineraries
 GR-236  Route of the Monasteries of Valencia Gandia - Almoines - Beniarjó - Beniflá - Palma de Gandía - Monastery of Sant Jeroni de Cotalba - Rótova - Alfauir - Almiserà - Castillo de Vilella - Luchente - Monastery of the Corpus Christi - Castillo de Xio - Pinet - Bárig - Simat de la Valldigna - Monastery of Santa María de la Valldigna - Benifairó de la Valldigna - Monastery of Aguas Vivas - La Barraca de Aguas Vivas - Monastery of la Murta - Alzira
  • On foot
  • By car
  • Bicycle (MTB)
  • By horse

The route on foot

The walk route passes through ancient medieval historical paths as the Pas del Pobre (passage of the poor), riding trails, mountain trails, old roads and railroad tracks. It starts at the train station in Gandia and ends in Alzira, to connect to public transport. The route begins in Gandia Railway Station and ends on Alzira Railway Station.

The GR-236 is the international code of the Monasteries route by foot. It is a GR (GR footpath) officially approved by the Valencian Federation of Mountain Climbing.

The GR-236 begins in Gandía and finishes in Alzira passing by these monasteries:

All the paths are perfectly signposted from the Train Station of Gandía to Alzira. There are road signs in problematic forks with location signs and direction signs. The signs are white and red and they all have the path code (GR-236). To walk round this route you need 2 or 3 days. There is a main route (3–4 days) and there is another way where you can take a short cut in the route (2–3 days), but with the last option you can't see one of the monasteries (Corpus Christi, in Luchente).

The route by car

The route by bicycle (MTB)

The itinerary by bicycle (MTB) is a circular route of 123 km which starts and ends in Alzira and which crosses the central regions of La Safor, la Vall d'Albaida and La Ribera Alta. The itinerary has a specific signaling and a special path adapted to mountain bike.

The route by horse IE-001

The itinerary by horse has a specific signaling and a special path adapted to horses and homologated by the Royal Spanish Equestrian Federation (RFHE) and their code is IE-001. It is the first route in Spain and the second in Europe to be approved as equestrian route. The itinerary starts in the Monastery of Sant Jeroni de Cotalba, near Gandia.


It's possible to collect a card in the Tourist Office of Gandia which credited the pilgrims passing through the various monasteries and towns.

Tourist Info

Avda. Marques de Campo s/n 46701 Gandia (Valencia) Ph 96 287 77 88

Plaza Mayor 7 - 46725 Rotova (Valencia) Ph 96 283 53 16

Avda. Marina s/n 46760 Tavernes de la Valldigna (Valencia) Ph 96 288 52 64

Pl. del Reino 46600 Alzira (Valencia) Ph 96 241 95 51

Passeig 9 de Octubre, s/n 46750 Simat de la Valldigna (Valencia) Ph 96 281 09 20


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The Route

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The Monasteries

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