Directed by Mick Garris
Produced by John Landis
Richard Briggs
Mick Garris
Written by Mick Garris
Starring Chris Hebert
Phil Fondacaro
Joe Regalbuto
Wendy Phillips
Robyn Lively
John Vernon
Music by Peter Bernstein
Release dates
  • 1986 (1986)
Country United States
Language English

Fuzzbucket is a 1986 television film written and directed by Mick Garris starring Chris Hebert as a young Michael Gerber and Phil Fondacaro as his invisible friend, Fuzzbucket. The films also stars Joe Regalbuto as Michael's dad, Wendy Phillips as his mother, Robyn Lively as his older sister, and John Vernon as the Principal.[1]


In a world where 12-year-old Michael Gerber has no friends, he finds that sometimes, the best friendships come from within. Michael is an awkward young boy who is about to start junior high and has no real friends. His only companion is an imaginary friend he calls Fuzzbucket. In the first act of the film, both the viewer and every character except Michael is left to make the assumption that Fuzzbucket is an imaginary friend. When Michael cooks up a strange, green concoction for his friend to drink, Fuzzbucket turns visible again. Astonished to see Fuzzbucket for the first time, young Michael becomes overjoyed. His newly visible friend exuberantly leaps around Michael's treehouse in celebration. The two friends share a heartfelt moment in his treehouse when Fuzzbucket traces their hands with crayons, a ceremony that makes them blood brothers. At Fuzzbucket's urgent request for "Toons! Toons!" Michael switches on his television and the two sit together watching classic cartoons, and they soon drift off to sleep. Hours later, Fuzzbucket wakens and insists on knowing the time. He urgently cries to Michael, "How many clocks? How many clocks!?" Fearing that if he doesn't make it back home in time he will turn invisible again, only this time it will be forever. Fuzzbucket leaps out of the treehouse and escapes into the woods. Michael, afraid of losing his one and only friend, takes off after him.


Fuzzbucket is hairy little creature that lives in the swamps of Dead Man's Marsh with many other fuzzbuckets. The character is called Fuzzbucket by Michael, but also is a fuzzbucket. It is not known whether all fuzzbuckets have different names or are strictly called fuzzbuckets.

Michael Gerber is a 12-year-old boy and main character of the film. He like all kids is dealing with his first day of junior high and fitting in. Everyone in the film finds him odd or weird due to the fact they always think he is talking to himself, when he is in fact talking to Fuzzbucket.

DVD release

Disney released a DVD-on-Demand version of this film as part of their "Disney Generations Collection" line of DVDs on July 5, 2011.


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