Fun Fun Fun Fest

Fun Fun Fun Fest

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Genre Indie rock, Punk rock, hardcore punk, hip hop
Dates Early November
Location(s) Austin, Texas
Years active 2006–2016

Fun Fun Fun Fest (often abbreviated as "FFF" or "F3F") is an annual music and comedy festival held in Austin, Texas. The festival is the only genre based festival in the United States, featuring stages that focus specifically on hip-hop / electronica, indie rock, punk / metal, and comedy.

Started in 2006, the festival focuses on a combination of discovering emerging talent, putting together either rarely seen or anticipated reunion performances. Being based in Austin (The Live Music Capital of the World), FFF has the unique ability to work with new musicians that have yet to experience the national stage. The festival has a history of unearthing new artists that eventually end up in the mainstream music and festival markets.

Fun Fun Fun Fest is also known for its dedication to the unique Austin culture, featuring street food from some of Austin's favorite eateries, an annual American Poster Institute poster show featuring work from artists all over the U.S., along with pop up vintage fashion shops and record stores. The Festival has also been known to have everything from a mechanical bull to a live wrestling ring featuring Sexy Sax Man on site.

Notable acts from the past include Public Enemy, Spoon, Weird Al Yankovic, Girl Talk, The Descendents, MGMT, Bad Religion, Danzig, Mastodon, The Dead Milkmen, Slick Rick, Pharcyde, Cat Power, The National, M83, Circle Jerks, Todd Barry, Reggie Watts, Henry Rollins, Neil Hamburger, GWAR, and the return of famed Detroit punkers, Death, and many more.

In 2011, Fun Fun Fun Fest was moved to Auditorium Shores, a much larger downtown park, a change from previous years in which the event was held at Waterloo Park. In addition, 2011 saw the addition of a third full day and FFF Nites, a set of free aftershows for ticket holders in downtown Austin music venues, featuring an additional 75+ artists. Additionally, Ryan Gosling and Rooney Mara filmed a sequence for an upcoming Terrence Malick film on November 4, 2011, at the festival.

The 2012 festival took place November 2–4 at Auditorium Shores. The event made headlines by announcing the reunion of the hip hop group, Run–D.M.C. for their first show in a decade.



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Fun Fun Fun Fest Taco Cannon

First premiered at the 2012 Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, TX, the Fun Fun Fun Fest Taco Cannon is a modified 12-chamber T-shirt cannon specifically designed to shoot tacos a maximum 200 feet in the air. The Fun Fun Fun Fest Taco Cannon is the first and only taco launching device. The cannon is powered by carbon dioxide and a car battery, and "takes 40 pounds of carbon dioxide to get through three round of Gatling gun-style shots" with "12 barrels in each round, so 36 shots total per round." [1]

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