Fukuoka Prize

Fukuoka Prize
Awarded for Outstanding individuals or groups/organizations in preserving and creating the unique and diverse cultures of Asia
Country Japan
Presented by Fukuoka City
the Fukuoka City International Foundation (formerly The Yokatopia Foundation)
First awarded 1990
Official website fukuoka-prize.org/en/

The Fukuoka Prize (福岡アジア文化賞 Fukuoka Ajia Bunkashō) is an award established by the city of Fukuoka and the Fukuoka City International Foundation (formerly The Yokatopia Foundation) to honor the outstanding work of individuals or organizations in preserving or creating Asian culture. There are three prize categories: Grand Prize, Academic Prize, and Arts and Culture Prize.

In 1989, Fukuoka held the Asia-Pacific Exposition (referred to as "Yokatopia") with the concept of interaction between the Asia-Pacific region. The prize program was inaugurated in the following year to carry on the spirit of the Expo, and ever since then, the prizes have been given annually and the related official events including the award ceremony and the public forums by the prize winners have been held in every September, also known as "Asian Party" in Fukuoka. In 1999, the school visits were added into the program to give a special lecture to children by the prize winners.

Prize categories

Grand Prize

To be presented to an individual or an organization in either the field of academics or arts and culture. The laureate must have made outstanding contributions to the preservation and creation of Asian culture and have exhibited the significance of Asian culture to the world. The prize is endowed with 5 million yen.

Academic Prize

To be presented to one or two individuals or organizations that have made outstanding achievements in the field of Asian studies, such as social and human sciences, contributing to the world’s understanding of Asia. The prize is endowed with 3 million yen.

Arts and Culture Prize

To be presented to one or two individuals or organizations who have made outstanding contributions in the diverse arts and culture of Asia. The category includes a wide range of fields such as the fine arts, literature, music, drama, dance, film, architecture, and so forth. The prize is endowed with 3 million yen.

Geographical focus

East, South, and Southeast Asia (any regions located east of Pakistan)

List of recipients


Year Category Name Nationality Occupation
1990SpecialBa Jin China Writer
Akira Kurosawa Japan Film director
Joseph Needham UK Scholar of Chinese science history
Kukrit Pramoj Thailand Writer, statesman
1991GrandRavi ShankarIndiaSitar player
AcademicTaufik Abudullah Indonesia Historian, social scientist
Chie Nakane Japan Social anthropologist
Arts & CultureDonald Keene USA Scholar of Japanese literature & culture
1992Grand Kim Won-yongSouth KoreaArchaeologist
AcademicClifford GeertzUSAAnthropologist
Minoru TakeuchiJapanAnthropologist
Arts & CultureLeandro V. LocsinPhilippinesArchitect
1993Grand Fei Xiaotong ChinaSociologist, Anthropologist
AcademicUngku Abdul AzizMalaysiaEconomist
Jiro KawakitaJapanScholar of ethnogeography
Arts & Culture Namjilyn Norovbanzad MongoliaVocalist
1994GrandM. C. Subhadradis Diskul (Thai: หม่อมเจ้าสุภัทรดิศ ดิศกุล)ThailandArchaeologist, art historian
AcademicWang Gungwu AustraliaHistorian
Yoneo IshiiJapanScholar of Southeast Asian studies
Arts & CulturePadma SubrahmanyamIndiaTraditional dancer
AcademicHahn KiunSouth KoreaScholar of education
Noboru KarashimaJapanHistorian
Arts & CultureNam June PaikUSAVideo artist
1996GrandWang ZhongshuChinaArchaeologist
AcademicPhan Huy LeVietnamHistorian
Shinkichi EtoJapanScholar of relations
Arts & CultureNusrat Fateh Ali Khan PakistanQawwali singer
1997GrandChheng PhonCambodiaDramatist, artist
AcademicRomila ThaparIndiaHistorian
Takayasu HiguchiJapanArchaeologist
Arts & CultureIm KwontaekSouth KoreaFilm director
1998GrandLee KiMoonSouth KoreaLinguist
AcademicStanley Jeyaraja TambiahUSAAnthropologist
Masaaki UedaJapan Historian
Arts & CultureR. M. Soedarsono Indonesia Dancer, scholar of dance
1999GrandHou Hsiao-Hsien Taiwan Film director
AcademicTaryo Obayashi Japan Ethnologist
Nidhi Eoseewong Thailand Historian
Arts & CultureTang Da Wu Singapore Visual artist
2000GrandPramoedya Ananta Toer Indonesia Writer
AcademicThan TunMyanmar Historian
Benedict Anderson IrelandScholar of politics
Arts & CultureHamzah Awang Amat MalaysiaShadow play master
2001GrandMuhammad Yunus BangladeshEconomist
AcademicYujiro Hayami JapanEconomist
Arts & CultureThawan Duchanee (th:ถวัลย์ ดัชนี) Thailand Painter
Marilou Diaz-AbayaPhilippinesFilm director
2002GrandZhang Yimou China Film director
AcademicKingsley Muthumuni De SilvaSri LankaHistorian
Anthony Reid Australia Historian
Arts & CultureLatMalaysiaCartoonist
2003GrandShuzen Hokama JapanScholar of Okinawan studies
AcademicReynaldo C. Ileto PhilippinesHistorian
Arts & CultureXu Bing ChinaArtist
Dick Lee Singapore Singer-songwriter
2004GrandAmjad Ali Khan IndiaSarod Maestro
AcademicLi Yining ChinaEconomist
Ram Dayal Rakesh NepalScholar of folk culture studies
Arts & CultureSembukuttiarachilage Roland Silva Sri Lanka Conservator
2005GrandIm Dongkwon South KoreaFolklorist
AcademicThaw Kaung MyanmarLibrarian
Arts & CultureDouangdeuane Bounyavong LaosTextile researcher
Tashi Norbu BhutanTraditional mMusician
2006GrandMo Yan China Writer
AcademicShagdaryn Bira MongoliaHistorian
Takeshi Hamahita Japan Historian
Arts & CultureUxi MuftiPakistanCulture expert
2007GrandAshis NandyIndiaSocial and cultural critic
AcademicSrisakra Vallibhotama (Thai: ศรีศักร วัลลิโภดม) ThailandAnthropologist, archaeologist
Arts & CultureJu Ming Taiwan Sculptor
Kim Duk-soo South Korea Traditional performing artist
2008GrandAnn HuiHong KongFilm
AcademicSavitri Wimalawathie Ellepola Goonesekere Sri Lanka Law
Shamsul Amri BaharuddinMalaysia Social anthropology
Arts & CultureFarida ParveenBangladeshMusic
2009GrandAugustin BerqueFranceCultural geography
AcademicPartha Chatterjee IndiaPolitical science, history
Arts & CultureMinoru Miki Japan Music composition
Cai Guo-Qiang ChinaContemporary art
2010GrandHwang Byungki South Korea Music
AcademicJames C. ScottUSA Political science, anthropology
Kazuko Mori JapanArea studies (contemporary China)
Arts & CultureOng Keng Sen SingaporeContemporary performance
2011GrandAng Choulean CambodiaEthnology
AcademicCho Dong-il South KoreaLiterature
Arts & CultureNiels Gutschow Germany Architecture
2012GrandVandana Shiva India Environmental philosophy
AcademicCharnvit KasetsiriThailand History, politics
Arts & CultureKidlat Tahimik Philippines Film
G.R.Ay. Koes Moertiyah Paku Buwono Indonesia Dance
2013GrandTetsu Nakamura Japan Cross-cultural understanding, international and grassroots cooperation
AcademicTessa Morris-Suzuki Australia Asian studies
Arts & CultureNalini Malani India Contemporary art
Apichatpong WeerasethakulThailandFilm, visual arts
2014GrandEzra F. VogelUSA Sociology
AcademicAzyumardi Azra IndonesiaHistory
Arts & CultureDanny Yung Hong KongTheater
2015GrandThant Myint-UMyanmarHistory
AcademicRamachandra Guha IndiaHistory, Sociology
Arts & CultureĐặng Thị Minh Hạnh VietnamFashion
2016GrandA. R. RahmanIndiaMusic
AcademicAmbeth R. Ocampo PhilippinesHistory
Arts & CultureYasmeen Lari PakistanArchitecture


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