Fuji Xerox J-Stars

Fuji Xerox J-Stars
Established 1985
Based in Itami, Hyogo, Japan
Head coach Masahide Mitsuyoshi
General manager Toshiharu Kato
League X-League
Division West
Colors Red and White[1]
Website http://www.team-jstars.jp/

The Fuji Xerox J-Stars are an American football team located in Itami, Hyogo, Japan. They are a member of the X-League.

Team History


X-League Champions (1987–present) Division Champions Final Stage/Semifinals Berth Wild Card /First Stage Berth
Season League Division Regular Season Post Season Results Awards Head coaches
Finish Wins Losses Ties
2008 X2 West 2nd 4 1 0
2009 X2 West 2nd 9 1 0
2010 X2 West 1st 6 1 0 Won X2-X1 promotion match (Nagoya) 28-8
2011 X1 West 6th 1 7 0 Won 2nd stage relegation match (Elecom Kobe) 6-3
Lost 2nd stage relegation match (Nagoya) 16-23
Lost X1-X2 replacement match (Hankyu) 5-25
2012 X2 West 1st 7 1 0 Lost X2-X1 promotion match (Nishinomiya) 20-23 OT Masahide Mitsuyoshi
2013 X2 West 1st 5 3 0 Lost X2-X1 promotion match (at Nagoya) 7-21 Masahide Mitsuyoshi
2014 X2 West 1st 5 1 0 Lost X2-X1 promotion match (Nishinomiya) 0-30 Masahide Mitsuyoshi
2015 X1 West 6th 2 6 0 Lost 2nd stage relegation match (As One) 0-73
Lost 2nd stage relegation match (at Nagoya) 9-10
Lost X1-X2 replacement match (at Sidewinders) 10-17
Masahide Mitsuyoshi
Total (2009–2015, includes only regular season)
(2009–2015, includes only playoffs)
(2009–2015, includes both regular season and playoffs)


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