French municipal elections, 1989

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Municipal elections were held in France on 12 and 19 March 1989. After the 1983 disaster, the left did relatively well in 1989. They gained Nantes, Strasbourg, Brest, Orléans, Mulhouse, Avignon, Chambéry, and Blois while losing Amiens, Saint-Malo, and Laon. The Communists continued their decline. Chirac repeated his 1983 sweep in Paris, but the PS did the same in Marseille. The FN won their first city, Saint-Gilles in the Gard. The Greens and ecologists did well, winning over 600 seats and around 15 cities.


Party/Alliance % (first round) Seats
Miscellaneous Right 31.77 213,242
  PS 9.04 37,723
  RPR 4.43 18,274
  UDF 4.43 17,577
  PCF 4.07 16,791
  MRG 0.62 2,591
  Les Verts-Other ecologists 0.22 926
  Far-Left 0.17 705
  FN 0.12 526
  Regionalists 0.08 343
  Far-Right 0.02 103


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