Freedom and Socialism Party

Freedom and Socialism Party
Leader Sinan Çiftyürek
Founded 19 December 2011
Headquarters Cumhuriyet Mah. Bayındır Sok. No: 6/12 Sıhhiye Çankaya, Ankara
Ideology Marxism
Political position Far-left
Colours Red, Yellow, Black

Freedom and Socialism Party (Turkish: Özgürlük ve Sosyalizm Partisi, Kurdish: Partiya Azadî û Sosyalîzmê) is a Kurdish-based Marxist political party in Turkey.


Communist Party of Kurdistan cadres including Sinan Çiftyürek and Mehmet Akyol announced the founding of a new frame for a legal party named Mesopotamia Socialist Party (Mezopotamya Sosyalist Partisi) after a November 2003 meeting in Gaziantep.[1][2] The initiative for Mesopotamia Socialist Party merged with the Socialist Party Founders Committee, another faction of Kurdish socialists in October 2010.[3][4] The new group was named the Freedom and Socialism Party and it was officially founded on 19 December 2011 with Çiftyürek as the chairman.[5]


Founder and chairman Sinan Çiftyürek describes the Freedom and Socialist Party as "a workers' party with a socialist line" and with no particular ethnic emphasis albeit its Kurdish background.[5] The party propagates a federation of Turkish and Kurdish peoples "on a condition of equality".[5]


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