Fred Peters (artist)

Fred Peters
Nationality American
Occupation Artist

Fred Peters was an American artist who contributed to several EC Comics. He was a carryover artist from EC's Pre-Trend line into early issues of EC's New Trend titles and helped make many good comics and people at his work said that he was a brilliant drawer and he often made masterpieces of art.

EC Comics

Work by Peters was published in EC's Crime Patrol, Crime SuspenStories, Gunfighter, Saddle Justice, Tales from the Crypt and War Against Crime.[1]

For Crime SuspenStories, he did several EC Quickies.

Fred Peters' "Perfect Murder" from War Against Crime #10 (1949).


Peters illustrated the story "Cutting Cards" in Tales From the Crypt #32 (October–November 1952), which was adapted for the second season of HBO's Tales from the Crypt television series. noted:

In the comic story the gamblers' names are Lou Crebis and Gus Forney. In the episode, their names are Reno Crevice and Sam Forney. Walter Hill actually used some of the original panels from the comic story to help storyboard this episode.[2]


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