Fred Astaire chronology of performances

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This is a chronological listing of Fred Astaire stage, motion picture, radio, and television performances.

The following color-coding is used for these different mediums:

stage motion pictures radio television


Title Date Theatre Role Dance Partner Director Lyrics Music
Juvenile Artists Presenting an
Electric Musical Toe-Dancing Novelty
1905 Keyport, New Jersey
(location of performance)
Himself Adele Astaire
Orpheum Circuit 1906 (2 tours) Himself Adele Astaire
Benefit Performance - Rainy Saturday 1911 Proctor's 5th Avenue Himself Adele Astaire
Aurelia and Minnie Coccia Tour
1913 (tour) Himself Adele Astaire
Interstate Circuit c.1914 (tour in Texas) Himself Adele Astaire
Orpheum Circuit c. 1915 (tour) Himself Adele Astaire
Over the Top Nov. 28 1917 44th St. Roof Himself Adele Astaire Joseph Herbert Charles Manning
Matthew Woodward
Sigmund Romberg
Herman Timberg
Passing Show of 1918 July 25, 1918 Winter Garden Himself Adele Astaire J.C. Huffman Harold R. Atteridge Sigmund Romberg
Jean Schwartz
Apple Blossoms Oct. 7 1919 Globe Johnnie Adele Astaire Fred Latham William LeBaron Fritz Kreisler
Victor Jacobi


Note: British productions are marked with United Kingdom.

Title Date Theatre Role Dance Partner Director Lyrics Music
The Love Letter Oct. 4 1921 Globe Richard Kolner Adele Astaire Edward Royce William LeBaron Victor Jacobi
For Goodness Sake Feb. 20 1922 Lyric Teddy Lawrence Adele Astaire Priestley Morrison Arthur Jackson William Daly
Paul Lannin
The Bunch and Judy Nov. 28 1922 Globe Gerald Lane Adele Astaire Fred Latham Anne Caldwell Jerome Kern
United Kingdom
Stop Flirting
((For Goodness Sake))
May 30, 1923 Shaftsbury
Teddy Lawrence Adele Astaire Felix Edwardes Arthur Jackson William Daly
Paul Lannin
Lady, Be Good Dec. 1 1924 Liberty Dick Trevor Adele Astaire Felix Edwardes Ira Gershwin George Gershwin
United Kingdom
Lady, Be Good
Apr. 14 1926 Empire Dick Trevor Adele Astaire Felix Edwardes Ira Gershwin George Gershwin
Funny Face Nov. 22 1927 Alvin Jimmie Reeves Adele Astaire Edward MacGregor Ira Gershwin George Gershwin
United Kingdom
Funny Face
Nov. 8 1928 Prince's Jimmie Reeves Adele Astaire Felix Edwardes Ira Gershwin George Gershwin
Smiles Nov. 18 1930 Ziegfeld Bob Hastings Adele Astaire
Marilyn Miller
William Anthony McGuire Clifford Grey
Harold Adamson
Ring Lardner
Vincent Youmans


Note: British productions are marked with United Kingdom.

Title Date Theatre,
or Network
Role Dance Partner Director Lyrics Music
The Band Wagon June 3, 1931 New Amsterdam Himself Adele Astaire
Tilly Losch
Hassard Short Howard Dietz Arthur Schwartz
Gay Divorce Nov. 29 1932 Ethel Barrymore Guy Holden Claire Luce Howard Lindsay Cole Porter
United Kingdom
Gay Divorce
Nov. 2 1933 Palace Guy Holden Claire Luce Felix Edwardes Cole Porter
Dancing Lady Dec. 2, 1933 MGM Himself Joan Crawford Robert Z. Leonard Harold Adamson
Dorothy Fields
Lorenz Hart
Arthur Freed
Burton Lane
Jimmy McHugh
Richard Rodgers
Nacio Herb Brown
Flying Down to Rio Dec. 20, 1933 RKO Fred Ayres Dolores del Río
Ginger Rogers
Thornton Freeland Edward Eliscu &
Gus Kahn
Vincent Youmans
The Gay Divorcee (U.S. title)
The Gay Divorce (G.B. title)
Oct. 3, 1934 RKO Guy Holden Ginger Rogers Mark Sandrich Cole Porter
Herb Magidson
Mack Gordon
Cole Porter
Roberta Feb. 12, 1935 RKO Huckleberry Haines Ginger Rogers William A. Seiter Otto Harbach
Dorothy Fields
Jerome Kern
Your Hit Parade
Aug. 12 1935 NBC Himself
Top Hat Aug. 16, 1935 RKO Jerry Travers Ginger Rogers Mark Sandrich Irving Berlin
Follow the Fleet Feb. 19, 1936 RKO Bake Baker Ginger Rogers Mark Sandrich Irving Berlin
Swing Time Aug. 26, 1936 RKO "Lucky" Garnett Ginger Rogers George Stevens Dorothy Fields Jerome Kern
The Packard Hour
(39-week series)
Sept. 15 1936 NBC Himself
Shall We Dance Apr. 30, 1937 RKO Peter P. Peters Ginger Rogers Mark Sandrich Ira Gershwin George Gershwin
A Damsel in Distress Nov. 20, 1937 RKO Jerry Halliday George Burns &
Gracie Allen
Joan Fontaine
George Stevens Ira Gershwin George Gershwin
Carefree Aug. 30, 1938 RKO Tony Flagg Ginger Rogers Mark Sandrich Irving Berlin
Screen Guild Theatre
(Episode: "Miss Brown of Worcester")
Jan. 15 1939 NBC
The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle Mar. 31, 1939 RKO Vernon Castle Ginger Rogers H.C. Potter (numerous composers)
Broadway Melody of 1940 Feb. 14, 1940 MGM Johnny Brett Eleanor Powell
George Murphy
Norman Taurog Cole Porter
Second Chorus Dec. 3, 1940 Paramount Danny O'Neill Paulette Goddard H.C. Potter Johnny Mercer Artie Shaw
Bernard Hanighen
Hal Borne


Title Date Studio
or Network
Role Dance Partner
and/or Co-Star
Director Lyrics Music
You'll Never Get Rich Sept. 25, 1941 Columbia Robert Curtis Rita Hayworth Sidney Lansfield Cole Porter
Holiday Inn June 15, 1942 Paramount Ted Hanover Bing Crosby
Marjorie Reynolds
Virginia Dale
Mark Sandrich Irving Berlin
You Were Never Lovelier Oct. 5, 1942 Columbia Robert "Bob" Davis Rita Hayworth William A. Seiter Johnny Mercer Jerome Kern
Screen Guild Theatre
(Episode: "Holiday Inn")
January 11, 1943 NBC Ted Hanover Bing Crosby
Dinah Shore
Irving Berlin
The Eddie Cantor Show April 28, 1943 CBS Himself Eddie Cantor
Lucille Ball
Desi Arnaz
The Sky's the Limit July 13, 1943 RKO Fred Atwell Joan Leslie Edward H. Griffith Johnny Mercer Harold Arlen
Yolanda and the Thief Oct. 19, 1945 MGM Johnny Riggs Lucille Bremer Vincente Minnelli Arthur Freed Harry Warren
Ziegfeld Follies Jan. 11, 1946 MGM Fred Astaire
Tai Long
(numerous lyricists and composers)
Blue Skies Sept. 26, 1946 Paramount Jed Potter Bing Crosby
Joan Caulfield
Stuart Heisler Irving Berlin
The Bob Hope Show Feb. 17 1948 NBC Himself Bob Hope
Easter Parade June 1, 1948 MGM Don Hewes Judy Garland
Ann Miller
Charles Walters Irving Berlin
The Barkleys of Broadway Apr. 11, 1949 MGM Josh Barkley Ginger Rogers Ira Gershwin Harry Warren
Some of the Best June 23, 1949 1949 MGM Himself
Three Little Words July 12, 1950 MGM Bert Kalmar Red Skelton
Richard Thorpe Bert Kalmar Harry Ruby
Let's Dance Aug. 11, 1950 MGM Donald Elwood Betty Hutton Norman Z. McLeon Frank Loesser


Title Date Studio
or Network
Role Dance Partner
and/or Co-Star
Director Lyrics Music
Royal Wedding (U.S. title)
Wedding Bells(G.B. title)
Feb. 14, 1951 MGM Tom Bowen Jane Powell Stanley Donen Alan Jay Lerner Burton Lane
Screen Guild Theatre
(Episode: "Easter Parade")
Mar. 22 1951 Don Hewes Judy Garland Irving Berlin
The Belle of New York Feb. 28, 1952 MGM Charles Hill Vera-Ellen Charles Walters Johnny Mercer Harry Warren
The Band Wagon July 7, 1953 MGM Tony Hunter Cyd Charisse Vincente Minnelli Howard Dietz Arthur Swartz
Toast of the Town Feb. 14 1954 CBS Himself Ed Sullivan
Daddy Long Legs May 4, 1955 Fox Jervis Pendleton III Leslie Caron Jean Negulesco Johnny Mercer
Toast of the Town Apr. 3, 1955 CBS Himself Ed Sullivan
Sammy Davis, Jr.
What's My Line? Apr. 3, 1955 Himself
(Mystery Guest)
General Electric Theater
Episode: "Imp on a Cobweb Leash")
Dec. 3, 1957 CBS Paul Ashcroft Joan Tetzel Robert B. Sinclair
Funny Face Mar. 28, 1957 Paramount Dick Avery Audrey Hepburn Stanley Donen Ira Gershwin Leonard Gershe
Silk Stockings May 20, 1957 MGM Steve Canfield Cyd Charisse Rouben Mamoulian Cole Porter
Toast of the Town Mar. 3, 1957 Himself
Toast of the Town Apr. 7, 1957 Himself
Home July 25, 1957 Himself
Person to Person June 7, 1957 Himself
An Evening with Fred Astaire Oct. 17, 1958 NBC Himself Barrie Chase Bud Yorkin
What's My Line? June 8, 1958 CBS Himself
(Mystery Guest)
The 30th Annual Academy Awards Mar. 28 1958 NBC Himself
(Co-Presenter: Best Foreign Language Film)
On the Beach Dec. 2, 1959 United Artists Julian Osborne Gregory Peck
Ava Gardner
Stanley Kramer
General Electric Theater
(Episode: "Man on a Bicycle"
September 3, 1959 J. Willingham Bardley Hersel Daughterty
10th Annual Magazine Awards 1959 Himself
Another Evening with Fred Astaire Nov. 4, 1959 NBC Himself Barrie Chase Bud Yorkin
The Ed Sullivan Show June 28, 1959 Himself
Astaire Time Sept. 28, 1960 NBC Himself Barrie Chase Greg Garrison
The Steve Allen Show 1960 Himself


Title Date Studio
or Network
Role Co-Star Director
The Pleasure of His Company May 8, 1961 Paramount Biddeford "Pogo" Poole Debbie Reynolds George Seaton
Alcoa Premiere
(Episode: "Mr. Easy")
Feb. 13, 1962 ABC Andrew E. Whitbeck Joanna Barnes John Newland
The Notorious Landlady June 26, 1962 Columbia Franklyn Ambruster Kim Novak
Jack Lemmon
Richard Quine
Alcoa Premiere
(Episode: "Moment of Decision")
July 10, 1962 ABC Alex Berringer Maureen O'Sullivan John Newland
Alcoa Premiere
(Episode: "Guest in the House")
Oct.11, 1962 ABC Ivor St. George Lloyd Bochner Ted Post
Alcoa Premiere
(Episode: "Mr. Lucifer")
Nov. 11, 1962 ABC Mr. Lucifer Elizabeth Montgomery Alan Crosland, Jr.
Alcoa Premiere
(Episode: "Blues for a Hanging")
Dec. 27, 1962 ABC Alex Berringer Janis Paige Bernard Girard
Here's Hollywood September 27, 1962 Himself
The 34th Annual Academy Awards 1962 Himself
(Presenter: Best Picture)
Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre
(Episode: "Think Pretty")
Oct. 2, 1964 NBC Fred Addams Barrie Chase Jack Arnold
Dr. Kildare
(4-part story: "Going Home," "The Tent Dwellers,"
"A Gift of Love," "Fathers and Daughters")
Nov. 22, 23, 29, 30, 1965
NBC Joe Quinlen Richard Chamberlain
Raymond Massey
Herschel Daughtery
The Hollywood Palace 1965 ABC Himself
The 37th Annual Academy Awards 1965 Himself
(Presenter: Best Song)
The Hollywood Palace Jan. 22, 1966 ABC Himself
Petula Clark
Mickey Rooney
The Hollywood Palace Mar. 10, 1966 ABC Himself
Ethel Merman
Jack Jones
The Hollywood Palace Apr. 30, 1966 ABC Himself
Herb Alpert
Louis Nye
The 39th Annual Academy Awards 1967 Himself
(Co-Presenter: Writing Awards)
Finian's Rainbow Aug. 27, 1968 Warner Bros. Finian McLonergan Petula Clark
Tommy Steele
Francis Ford Coppola
The Fred Astaire Show Feb 7, 1968 NBC Himself Barrie Chase
Simon & Garfunkel
Robert Scheerer
The World Premiere of "Finian's Rainbow" 1968 Himself
Midas Run May 7, 1969 Selmur John Pedley Anne Heywood
Richard Crenna
Alf Kjellin
It Takes a Thief
(4 episodes: "The Great Casino Caper," "Three Virgins in Rome," "The Second Time Around," "An Evening With Alistair Mundy")
Oct. 16, Nov. 6, Dec. 4, 1969, & Mar. 9, 1970
ABC Alistair Mundy Robert Wagner Jack Arnold
The Dick Cavett Show Nov. 10, 1970 Himself Dick Cavett
The Over-the-Hill Gang Rides Again Nov. 17, 1970 ABC The Baltimore Kid Walter Brennan
Edgar Buchanan
George McCowen
Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town Dec 13, 1970 ABC S.D. Kluger (Narrator) - Voice Only Mickey Rooney Jules Bass
Arthur Rankin Jr
The 42nd Annual Academy Awards 1970 Himself
(Presenter: Best Actress in a Supporting Role & Documentary Awards)


Title Date Studio
or Network
Role Co-Star Director
Imagine 1972 Himself
(guest appearance)
John Lennon
Yoko Ono
'S Wonderful, 'S Marvelous, 'S Gershwin Jan. 17, 1972 NBC Himself Jack Lemmon
Ethel Merman
Leslie Uggams
Martin Charnin
Walter C. Miller
Make Mine Red, White and Blue Sept. 9, 1972 NBC Himself
The 5th Dimension
Michelle Lee
Magnavox Presents Frank Sinatra 1973 Himself
(Audience Member)
Frank Sinatra
The Towering Inferno 1974 Warner Bros.
20th Century-Fox
Harlee Claiborne Steve McQueen
Paul Newman
Jennifer Jones
Fred Astaire Salutes the Fox Musicals 1974 Himself
ABC's Wide World of Entertainment 1974 ABC Himself
That's Entertainment! 1974 MGM Himself
Just One More Time 1974 Himself
The Tonight Show Oct. 27, 1975 NBC TV Himself Johnny Carson
Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire:
A Couple of Song and Dance Men
1975 Himself Bing Crosby
The 29th Annual Tony Awards 1975 Himself
At Long Last Cole 1975 Himself
The Merv Griffin Show 1975 Himself
The Lion Roars Again 1975 Himself
The Amazing Dobermans 1976 Daniel Hughes James Franciscus
Barbara Eden
The Tonight Show May 4, 1976 NBC Himself Johnny Carson
Dinah! Nov. 19, 1976 ABC Himself Dinah Shore
That's Entertainment, Part II 1976 MGM Himself
Gene Kelly
The Mike Douglas Show Feb. 20, 1976 CBS Himself Mike Douglas
Parkinson 1976 Himself
The Easter Bunny Is Comin' to Town 1977 S.D. Kluger
Un taxi mauve 1977 Dr. Scully
A Family Upside Down 1978 Ted Long Helen Hayes
The Tonight Show Apr. 5, 1978 NBC Himself Johnny Carson
Bing Crosby: His Life and Legend 1978 Himself
The 50th Annual Academy Awards 1978 Himself
(Presenter: Best Original Song)
1st Kennedy Center Honors 1978 Himself (Honoree)
The Man in the Santa Claus Suit Dec. 23, 1979 NBC Costume Shop Proprietor / Chauffeur / Hot Dog Vendor /
Policeman / Cab Driver /
Jeweler / Floor Walker /
Choral Director / Santa Claus
Battlestar Galactica
(Episode: "The Man with Nine Lives")
Jan.28, 1979 ABC Chameleon/Captain Dimitri
The Tonight Show Dec. 21, 1979 NBC Himself Johnny Carson
Fred Astaire: Change Partners and Dance 1980 Himself
Fred Astaire: Puttin' on His Top Hat 1980 Himself
Bob Hope's Overseas Christmas Tours:
Around the World with the Troops – 1941–1972
1980 NBC Himself Bob Hope


Title Date Studio
or Network
Role Co-Star Director
The American Film Institute Salute to Fred Astaire 1981 Himself
Ghost Story Dec. 18, 1981 Universal Ricky Hawthorne John Houseman, Melvyn Douglas, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
George Stevens: A Filmmaker's Journey 1984 Himself
The American Film Institute Salute to Lillian Gish 1984 Himself Lillian Gish
The American Film Institute Salute to Gene Kelly 1985 Himself Gene Kelly
The Tonight Show
(25th Anniversary Special)
1987 Himself Johnny Carson
American Masters
(Episode: "George Gershwin Remembered"
1987 Gentleman in The Babbit and the Bromide Gene Kelly (in this routine)
Hollywood, The Golden Years: The RKO Story 1987 Himself


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