Freak In

Freak In
Studio album by Dave Douglas
Released 2003
Recorded July–December, 2002
Genre Jazz
Label RCA Bluebird
Producer Dave Douglas
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Freak In
Strange Liberation

Freak In is the 20th album by trumpeter Dave Douglas. It was released on the RCA Bluebird label in 2003 and features performances by Douglas, Jamie Saft, Marc Ribot, Karsh Kale, Joey Baron, Romero Lubambo, Brad Jones, Ikue Mori, Seamus Blake, Chris Speed, Craig Taborn, Michael Sarin, with Stephanie Stone contributing vocals on one track.[1]


Professional ratings
Review scores

The Allmusic review by Dave Lynch awarded the album 4 stars stating "As both player and sole composer, Douglas stands as the unifying force, free to approach the full possibilities of each tune individually, but not at the expense of the overall album's coherence. Quite literally crackling with energy and dense with ideas from the first to the hidden 12th track, Freak In is one of the strongest CDs of his extraordinary career".[2] On All About Jazz Matt Rand stated "For years, Douglas has been involved in all sorts of breaking down and building back up of existing structure. But now Douglas has refined his approach, and has made a record that defines its own style".[3]

Track listing

  1. "Freak In" - 3:47
  2. "Culver City Park" - 7:19
  3. "Black Rock Park" - 4:54
  4. "Hot Club Of 13th Street" - 2:12
  5. "Eastern Parkway" - 5:36
  6. "November" - 5:41
  7. "Porto Alegre" - 5:57
  8. "The Great Schism" - 4:36
  9. "Wild Blue" - 2:59
  10. "Maya" - 6:51
  11. "Traveler There Is No Road" - 7:54
  12. "The Mystic Lamb" - 7:22
All compositions by Dave Douglas



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