Frankfurter Kranz

Frankfurter Kranz
Alternative names Frankfurt Crown Cake
Type Cake
Place of origin Germany
Region or state Frankfurt am Main
Main ingredients Sponge cake, buttercream icing, red jam (typically strawberry, blackcurrant or cherry jam); brittle nuts, toasted almond flakes and/or ground hazelnuts
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The Frankfurter Kranz (or Frankfurt Crown Cake) is a cake specialty of Frankfurt, Germany.

Preparation starts with the baking of a firm sponge cake in a ring shaped baking tin. The cake is then sliced horizontally to divide it into two or three rings, and thick layers of buttercream icing are placed between the rings, usually with a layer of red jam (typically strawberry, blackcurrant or cherry jam).[1] The outside of the cake is then thickly coated with more buttercream and topped with caramel-covered brittle nuts, called Krokant, toasted almond flakes and/or ground hazelnuts. Krokant is signature to this dish.

After World War II, in the absence of butter, the surface of the cake was often coated with Kogel mogel (sweetened egg yolk paste), and other types of decoration may involve dots made from (more) buttercream or cocktail cherries.

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