Francisco Rangel Gómez

Francisco Gómez
Governor of Bolívar
Assumed office
Preceded by Antonio Rojas Suárez
Personal details
Political party PSUV

Francisco Gómez is the governor of Bolívar state in Venezuela, and has been since 2004. In the Venezuelan regional elections, 2008 he won 67% of the vote, against Andrés Velásquez' 30%. He was previously president of the Corporacion Venezolana de Guayana (CVG).[1]

According to, "While on the negotiation commission to resolve the 15-month-long dispute at Sidor, Rangel ordered the National Guard to fire on protesting Sidor workers."[1] In April 2008 Hugo Chavez ordered SIDOR to be nationalised.[2]


Preceded by
Antonio Rojas Suárez
Governor of Bolívar
Succeeded by

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