France at the Rugby World Cup

The France national rugby team have competed in all the Rugby World Cup tournaments. They are one of five teams who have played in the final match, having done so three times (1987, 1999, 2011), losing and finishing second in the tournament each time. They have made it to at least the quarter-finals at every tournament.

France hosted the 2007 tournament, and co-hosted the 1991 competition with Ireland and the United Kingdom. They also hosted some matches of the 1999 event, where the main host was Wales.

France playing Argentina during the 2007 Rugby World Cup tournament

By position

Host & Year Round Position GP W D L PF PA
AustraliaNew Zealand 1987Runners-up2nd6411215113
United KingdomRepublic of IrelandFrance 1991Quarter-final7th43019244
South Africa 1995Third place3rd650118487
Wales 1999Runners-up2nd6501210144
Australia 2003Fourth place4th7502267155
France 2007Fourth place4th7403227103
New Zealand 2011Runners-up2nd7403159124
England 2015Quarter-final6th5302133125
Japan 2019
Total8/80 Title48331141487895

By matches


Main article: 1987 Rugby World Cup
France  20 20  Scotland
Tries: Sella
Con: Blanco
Pen: Blanco (2)
Tries: White
Pen: Hastings (4)
Lancaster Park, Christchurch
Referee: Fred Howard England

France  55 12  Romania
Tries: Lagisquet (2)
Charvet (2)
Con: Laporte (8)
Pen: Laporte
Pen: Bezuscu (4)
Athletic Park, Wellington
Referee: Bob Fordham Australia

France  70 12  Zimbabwe
Tries: Modin (3)
Camberabero (3)
Charvet (2)
Rodriguez (2)
Con: Camberabero (9)
Try: Kaulbach
Con: Grobler
Pen: Grobler (2)
Eden Park, Auckland
Referee: Derek Bevan Wales

Knock-out stages
Fiji  16 31  France
Tries: Qoro
Con: Koroduadua
Pen: Koroduadua (2)
Tries: Rodriguez (2)
Con: Laporte (3)
Pen: Laporte (2)
Drop: Laporte

Australia  24 30  France
Tries: Campese
Con: Lynagh (2)
Pen: Lynagh (3)
Drop: Lynagh
Tries: Lorieux
Con: Camberabero (4)
Pen: Camberabero (2)
Concord Oval, Sydney
Attendance: 17,768
Referee: Brian Anderson Scotland

20 June 1987
New Zealand  29 9  France
Tries: Jones
Con: Fox
Pen: Fox (4)
Drop: Fox
Try: Berbizier
Con: Camberabero
Pen: Camberabero
Eden Park, Auckland
Attendance: 46,000
Referee: Kerry Fitzgerald Australia


Main article: 1991 Rugby World Cup
France  30 3  Romania
Tries: Roumat, Lafond, Penalty Try, Saint-André
Con: Camberabero
Pen: Camberabero (4)
Pen: Nichitean

France  33 9  Fiji
Tries: Lafond (3), Sella (2), Camberabero
Con: Camberabero (3)
Pen: Camberabero
Tries: Naruma
Con: Koroduadua
Pen: Koroduadua
Stade Lesdiguières, Grenoble
Referee: Derek Bevan Wales

France  19 13  Canada
Tries: Lafond, Saint-André
Con: Camberabero
Pen: Lacroix (2), Camberabero
Tries: Wyatt
Pen: Wyatt, Rees
Drop: Rees

Knock-out stages
France  10 19  England
Tries: Lafond
Pen: Lacroix (2)
Tries: Underwood, Carling
Con: Webb
Pen: Webb (3)
Parc des Princes, Paris
Referee: David Bishop New Zealand


Main article: 1995 Rugby World Cup
France  38 10  Tonga
Tries: Thierry Lacroix (2), Aubin Hueber, Philippe Saint-André
Con: Thierry Lacroix (3)
Pen: Thierry Lacroix (3)
Drop: Yann Delaigue
Tries: Tevita Va'enuku
Con: Sateki Tu'ipulotu
Pen: Sateki Tu'ipulotu
Loftus Versfeld, Pretoria
Attendance: 25 000
Referee: Steve Lander England

France  22 19  Scotland
Tries: Émile Ntamack
Con: Thierry Lacroix
Pen: Thierry Lacroix (5)
Tries: Rob Wainwright
Con: Gavin Hastings
Pen: Gavin Hastings (4)
Loftus Versfeld, Pretoria
Attendance: 40 000
Referee: Wayne Erickson Australia
Knock-out stages
France  36 12 Ireland
Tries: Philippe Saint-Andre, Émile Ntamack
Con: Thierry Lacroix
Pen: Thierry Lacroix (8)
Pen: Eric Elwood (4)
Kings Park Stadium, Durban
Attendance: 18 000
Referee: Ed Morrison England

South Africa  19 15  France
Tries: Ruben Kruger
Con: Joel Stransky
Pen: Joel Stransky (4)
Pen: Thierry Lacroix (5)
Kings Park Stadium, Durban
Attendance: 50 000 (capacity)
Referee: Derek Bevan Wales

Third-place play-off
France  19 9  England
Tries: Olivier Roumat, Émile Ntamack
Pens: Thierry Lacroix (3)
Pens: Rob Andrew (3)
Loftus Versfeld, Pretoria
Attendance: 45,000
Referee: David Bishop New Zealand


Main article: 1999 Rugby World Cup

France  47 13  Namibia
Tries: Ugo Mola (3), Émile Ntamack, Richard Dourthe, Pierre Mignoni, Philippe Bernat-Salles
Con: Richard Dourthe (4)
Pen: Richard Dourthe (3)
Tries: Arthur Samuelson
Con: Leandre Van Dyk
Pen: Leandre Van Dyk (2)
Parc Lescure, Bordeaux
Referee: Chris White England

Knock-out stages
France  47 26  Argentina
Tries: Xavier Garbajosa (2), Philippe Bernat-Salles (2), Émile Ntamack
Con: Christophe Lamaison (5)
Pen: Christophe Lamaison (4)
Tries: Agustín Pichot, Lisandro Arbizu
Con: Gonzalo Quesada (2)
Pen: Gonzalo Quesada (3), Felipe Contepomi
Lansdowne Road, Dublin
Attendance: 50,000
Referee: Derek Bevan Wales

New Zealand  31 43  France
Tries: Jonah Lomu (2), Jeff Wilson
Con: Andrew Mehrtens (2)
Pen: Andrew Mehrtens (4)
Tries:Christophe Lamaison, Christophe Dominici, Richard Dourthe, Philippe Bernat-Salles
Con: Christophe Lamaison (4)
Pen: Christophe Lamaison (3)
Drop: Christophe Lamaison (2)
Twickenham, London
Attendance: 75,000
Referee: Jim Fleming Scotland

Australia  35 12  France
Tries: Ben Tune, Owen Finegan

Con: Matthew Burke (2)
Pen: Matthew Burke (7)

Pen: Christophe Lamaison (4)
Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
Attendance: 74,500
Referee: André Watson South Africa


Main article: 2003 Rugby World Cup
France  61 18  Fiji
Tries: Dominici (2), Harinordoquy, Jauzion (3), Ibañez
Con: Michalak (4)
Pen: Michalak (6)
Tries: Naevo, Caucaunibuca
Con: Little
Pen: Little (2)
Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane
Attendance: 46,795
Referee: Alain Rolland Republic of Ireland

France  51 29  Japan
Tries: Michalak, Rougerie (2), Pelous, Dominici, Crenca
Con: Michalak (5), Merceron
Pen: Michalak (3)
Tries: Konia, Ohata
Con: Kurihara (2)
Pen: Kurihara (5)
Dairy Farmers Stadium, Townsville
Attendance: 21,309
Referee: Alan Lewis Republic of Ireland

France  51 9  Scotland
Tries: Betsen, Harinordoquy, Michalak, Galthié, Brusque
Con: Michalak (3), Merceron
Pen: Michalak (4)
Drop: Michalak, Brusque
Pen: Paterson (3)
Telstra Stadium, Sydney
Attendance: 78,974
Referee: David McHugh Republic of Ireland

France  41 14  United States
Tries: Liebenberg (3), Poux, Bru
Con: Merceron (2)
Pen: Merceron (3)
Drop: Yachvili
Tries: Hercus, Schubert
Con: Hercus (2)
WIN Stadium, Wollongong
Attendance: 17,833
Referee: Paul Honiss New Zealand

Knock-out stages
France  43 21  Ireland
Tries: Magne 3' c
Dominici 29' c
Harinordoquy 33' c
Crenca 47' c
Con: Michalak (4)
Pen: Michalak (5)
Tries: Maggs 52' c
O'Driscoll (2) 65' c, 80+2' c
Con: Humphreys (3)
Telstra Dome, Melbourne
Attendance: 33,134
Referee: Jonathan Kaplan South Africa

France  7 24  England
Try: Betsen 10' c
Con: Michalak
Pen: Wilkinson (5)
Drop: Wilkinson (3) 9', 38', 58'
Telstra Stadium, Sydney
Attendance: 82,346
Referee: Paddy O'Brien New Zealand

Third-place play-off
New Zealand  40 13  France
Tries: Jack 12' c
Howlett 20' c
Rokocoko 51' c
Thorn 54' c
Muliaina 58' c
Holah m
Con: MacDonald
Carter (4)
Try: Elhorga 42' c
Con: Yachvili
Pen: Yachvili
Drop: Yachvili
Telstra Stadium, Sydney
Attendance: 62,712
Referee: Chris White England


Main article: 2007 Rugby World Cup
7 September 2007
France  12 17  Argentina
Pen: Skrela (4/5) 7', 31', 40+', 60' Report Try: Corleto 27' m
Pen: F. Contepomi (4/6) 5', 10', 24', 34'
Stade de France, Saint-Denis
Attendance: 79,312
Referee: Tony Spreadbury England

16 September 2007
France  87 10  Namibia
Tries: Heymans 7' m
Marty 11' c
Dusautoir 21' c
Nallet (2) 32' c, 40+' c
Clerc (3) 38' c, 59' c, 65' c
Bonnaire 47' c
Chabal (2) 49' c, 54' c
Elissalde 56' c
Ibañez 75' m
Con: Elissalde (11/13)
Report Try: Langenhoven 79' c
Con: Losper (1/1)
Drop: Wessels (1/1) 10'
Stadium de Toulouse, Toulouse
Attendance: 35,339
Referee: Alain Rolland Republic of Ireland

21 September 2007
France  25 3 Ireland
Tries: Clerc (2) 59' m, 69' m
Pen: Elissalde (5/6) 7', 18', 22', 40+', 55'
Report Drop: O'Gara (1/1) 37'
Stade de France, Saint-Denis
Attendance: 80,267
Referee: Chris White England

30 September 2007
France  64 7  Georgia
Tries: Poitrenaud 6' c
Nyanga 30' c
Beauxis 37' c
Dominici (2) 45' m, 57' m
Bruno 52' c
Nallet 63' c
Martin 67' m
Bonnaire 80' m
Con: Beauxis (5/9)
Pen: Beauxis (3/3) 4', 18', 24'
Report Try: Z. Maisuradze 72' c
Con: Urjukashvili (1/1)
Stade Vélodrome, Marseille
Attendance: 58,695
Referee: Alan Lewis Republic of Ireland
Knock-out stages
6 October 2007
New Zealand  18 20  France
Tries: McAlister 17' c
So'oialo 63' m
Con: Carter (1/1)
Pen: Carter (2/2) 14', 31'
Report Tries: Dusautoir 54' c
Jauzion 69' c
Con: Beauxis (1/1)
Élissalde (1/1)
Pen: Beauxis (2/3) 40+', 46'
Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
Attendance: 71,669
Referee: Wayne Barnes England

13 October 2007
England  14 9  France
Try: Lewsey 2' m
Pen: Wilkinson (2/3) 47', 75'
Drop: Wilkinson (1/4) 78'
Report Pen: Beauxis (3/3) 8', 18', 44'
Stade de France, Saint-Denis
Attendance: 80,283
Referee: Jonathan Kaplan South Africa

Bronze final
19 October 2007
France  10 34  Argentina
Try: Poitrenaud 69' c
Con: Beauxis (1/1)
Pen: Élissalde (1/1) 18'
Report Tries: F. Contepomi (2) 28' c, 77' c
Hasan Jalil 32' c
Martín Aramburú 53' m
Corleto 65' m
Con: F. Contepomi (3/5)
Pen: F. Contepomi (1/1) 21'
Parc des Princes, Paris
Attendance: 45,958
Referee: Paul Honiss New Zealand


Main article: Rugby World Cup hosts
The Eiffel Tower in Paris decorated with a giant rugby ball for the 2007 Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup is held every four years, and tends to alternate between the northern and southern hemispheres. Every northern hemisphere tournament so far has been held in Europe, and in general, France usually hosts some games when it is held there.

1991 Rugby World Cup

England was main host in 1991, but other countries hosted some matches. France hosted Pool D, and two of the quarter-finals.

The following French stadiums were used (quarter final locations emboldened).

City Stadium Capacity
Paris Parc des Princes 48,712
Toulouse Stade Ernest-Wallon 19,000
Villeneuve d'Ascq Stadium Lille-Metropole 18,185
Béziers Stade de la Méditerranée 18,000
Brive Parc Municipal des Sports 16,000
Grenoble Stade Lesdiguières 14,000
Agen Stade Armandie 14,000
Bayonne Stade Jean Dauger 13,500

1999 Rugby World Cup

Wales was main host in 1999. Pool C games were hosted in France.

The following French stadiums were used (quarter final locations emboldened).

City Stadium Capacity
St-Denis Stade de France 80,000
Lens Stade Félix Bollaert 41,800
Bordeaux Parc Lescure 34,327
Toulouse Stade de Toulouse 27,000
Béziers Stade de la Méditerranée 25,000

2007 Rugby World Cup

France was main host for the 2007 RWC. Some games were also held in Scotland and Wales.

It was announced in April 2003 that France had won the right to host the tournament.[1] The tournament was moved to the proposed September–October dates with the tournament structure remaining as it was.[1] It was also announced that ten French cities would be hosting games, with the final at the Stade de France.[1] French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin said that "this decision illustrates the qualities of our country and its capacity to host major sporting events...This World Cup will be the opportunity to showcase the regions of France where the wonderful sport of rugby is deeply rooted".[1] French Sports Minister Jean-François Lamour said that "The organisation of this World Cup will shine over all of France because ten French towns have the privilege of organising matches and to be in the world's spotlight."[1] French cities to host games are Bordeaux, Lens, Lyon, Marseilles, Montpellier, Nantes, St. Etienne, Toulouse and Paris, and it was also announced that the final would be at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis.[1]

There was a substantial increase in the overall capacity of stadiums compared to the 2003 Rugby World Cup, as the smallest venue at the 2007 tournament will be 33,900. France won the right to host the event in 2003. Three matches were played at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium, two Pool B games that featured Wales and as well as a quarter-final. Two Pool C matches were held at Edinburgh's Murrayfield. Ireland were also offered to host matches at Lansdowne Road in Dublin, but had to decline the offer as construction work was scheduled to begin on the stadium.[2] The semifinals and final were held at Stade de France, Saint-Denis.

The following stadiums were used (finals locations emboldened).

City Country Stadium Capacity Further reading
Saint-Denis France Stade de France 80,000 Overview
Marseille France Stade Vélodrome 59,500 Overview
Paris France Parc des Princes 47,870 Overview
Lens France Stade Félix-Bollaert 41,400 Overview
Lyon France Stade de Gerland 41,100 Overview
Nantes France Stade de la Beaujoire 38,100 Overview
Toulouse France Stadium de Toulouse 35,700 Overview
Saint-Étienne France Stade Geoffroy-Guichard 35,650 Overview
Bordeaux France Stade Chaban-Delmas 34,440 Overview
Montpellier France Stade de la Mosson 33,900 Overview

Portrayal on screen

France can be seen playing South Africa in the feature film Invictus based on the 1995 Rugby World Cup.


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