Four Motors for Europe

Four Motors for Europe

The Four Motors for Europe are four highly industrialized regions in Europe. It is composed of the Rhône-Alpes region in France, centered in Lyon, the Lombardy region in Italy, centered in Milan, Catalonia region centered in Barcelona, and Baden-Württemberg in Germany, centered in Stuttgart. On September 9, 1988, in Stockholm, Sweden, the presidents of these four territories signed an agreement, called the "Memorandum", to increase economic and social cooperation between the realms. The agreement was to have the four regions cooperate in a long term relationship in the fields of science, research, education, environment, culture, and other sectors. The purpose of this relationship was to provide a unification force within Europe as well as increasing the potential for economic growth within the four regions. These regions focus on the exchange of information with each other to expand their technology and R&D. Wales and Flanders are also associated with this group.[1]

Map of the Four Motors for Europe (in light blue)

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