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Ford Aerospace (1956−1990) was the aerospace and defense division of Ford Motor Company. It was based in Newport Beach, Orange County, California.


The company was established in 1956. It was renamed to Ford Aerospace and Communications Corporation in 1976, and then to Ford Aerospace Corporation in 1988.

The 99 acres (40 ha) Engineering and Research Center campus was located on Jamboree Road at Ford Road, overlooking the Santa Catalina Strait of the Pacific Ocean in Newport Beach. [1] [2] The facility's master plan and main buildings were designed by Modernist architect William Pereira in 1958. [3]

The company included: Space Systems Division (later Space Systems/Loral) and the Western Development Labs (WDL) (later Loral WDL, and presently Lockheed Martin WDL) in Palo Alto, California with Aeronutronic (later Space Systems/Loral) at the Newport Beach site.[4]

Spacecraft Reconfigurable Multibeam Antenna Feed Network (model), Ford Aerospace & Communications Corporation (1986).

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