Forced orgasm

A woman voluntarily submits to a forced orgasm while tied on furniture

A forced orgasm is a form of orgasm control where the active partner sexually stimulates a submissive partner to the point of the submissive's involuntary orgasm, with the submissive attempting to restrain the onset of orgasm.[1] In BDSM or other sexual roleplay, the submissive partner can be put in physical restraints, to enable the active partner to control the rate and duration of stimulation.

Involuntary orgasm

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An involuntary orgasm which happens as the result of forced sexual contact, such as during rape or sexual assault, can often be associated with feelings of shame caused by internalization of victim-blaming attitudes.[2][3] The incidence of those who experience unsolicited sexual contact and experience orgasm is very low, though possibly under-reported due to shame or embarrassment. Involuntary orgasms can happen regardless of gender.[4]

Medical research shows that the genital reflex is part of the spinal cord.[5][6][7] A related medical sexual problem is called Persistent genital arousal disorder.

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