Sternocostal triangle

Sternocostal triangle

The diaphragm. Under surface. Foramina of Morgagni not labeled, but costal and sternal attachments are visible near top.)

With captions (labels in German.)
Latin trigonum sternocostale
TA A04.4.02.015
FMA 58351

Anatomical terminology

The sternocostal triangle or foramina of Morgagni are small zones lying between the costal and sternal attachments of the thoracic diaphragm. Important vessels that pass through these bilateral foramina include the superior epigastric arteries as terminations of the internal thoracic arteries, with accompanying veins and lymphatics.

Also known as sternocostal hiatus or (Larrey's) triangle.[1]


It is named for Giovanni Battista Morgagni.[2]


It can be a site of Morgagni's hernia.


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