Fons van de Vijver

Alphonsius Josephus Rachel (Fons) van de Vijver (born 4 October 1952, Koewacht)[1] is a Dutch psychologist and Professor of Cross-Cultural Psychology at the Tilburg University, the North-West University and the University of Queensland, known for his work on cross-cultural research[2] and on "methods and data analysis of comparative research".[3]

Van de Vijver received both his MA and in 1991 his PhD in Psychology at the Tilburg University.[4] He is appointed Professor cross-cultural psychology at Tilburg University, and is also Professor at the North-West University in South Africa and the University of Queensland in Australia.[5] In 2013 he and Maria Cristina Richaud received the APA Award for Distinguished Contributions to the International Advancement of Psychology.

Selected publications

Van de Vijver authored and coauthored many publications in his field of expertise.[6] Books, a selection:

Articles, a selection:


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